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2016 - PSA - Public Notices - PSA - 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Official Decree
from the office of the
Presiding Bishop
of the
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Be it known that on this day January 1st, 2016 an official order is here by given as a directive to all Archdiocese and Diocesan Heads of the Ministry. As well as all Division and Department Supervisors including the following departments and divisions.

The In-house and On-line Seminary Programs of the Celtic Cross Seminary of Theology and the Celtic Cross Institute of Magisterium.

The Celtic Cross International Chaplains Association, the Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Division.

The Celtic Cross Templar Knights and the North American Templar Knights Divisions.

The Sacred Order of Exorcists, The Ordinations and Consecrations Department, The Celtic Cross Global Press Corps and the Monastery and Convent Programs.

In other words, anyone or any organization wanting to join our communion with the CCFM will undergo the following from this date forward. That being a Policy of a 90 day probationary period will be and is officially decreed and will be reflected into the Canons of the CCFM.

It has been brought to the attention of the Presiding Bishop that individuals are using the ministry and getting what they want and then leaving with or without notice. With this being stated this decree is approved from hence forth and there will be no exceptions.

Any individual or organization that is in direct communication with the CCFM HQ., in Ohio, prior to January 1st, 2016 will be grand fathered into the ministry with an exception if an agreement is met by both parties. Starting January 1st, 2016 this Decree henceforth will take affect immediately. No exceptions will be granted.

The Decree is as Follows;

1.) All requests for acceptance or communion with the CCFM will under go a 90 Day Probationary period. And an application process must be completed with all background checks preformed.

2.) All Archdiocese and Diocesan Heads of the Ministry, as well as all Division and Department Supervisors will adhere to this strict protocol and will not very from it without the expressed permission of the Office of the Presiding Bishop and if need be, a discussion between the other leadership and governing councils of the CCFM will be informed and allowed to vote on the measured circumstance at hand. That is, that would contradict this rule with and exception to this rule.

3.) This protocol includes during the first 90 days that each individual WILL go through our Moral & Ethical Codes, Belief Statement and the Canons and write a 5 (five) page Essay on each topic and submit it to via standard postal or email to the Vicar General of S.O.S.S.S. who is the Overseer and Vocations Director of the Sacred Order of Saint Scholastica Sisterhood, Abbess Bishop Sherie Mercier, as well as the Vicar General of the S.O.S.B.N.B., who is the Overseer and Vocations Director of the Sacred Order of Saint Brendan the Navigator Brotherhood, Episkopos Gary Taylor.

4.) The applicant(s) will under go a mandatory Oral Review at the end of the 90 day period with a live Skype / ooVoo meeting with the two Vicar Generals of the S.O.S.B.N.B. and the S.O.S.S.S. as well as with the Presiding Bishop present if at all possible. Then a one week waiting period will be enforced during which time the Overseers can communicate with the Office of the Presiding Bishop for approval into the ministry for Holy Orders and or Seminary acceptance, etc. etc.

5.) For the other department heads it will be henceforth your responsibility to coordinate with the overseers for personal under your authority to be approved and or denied full acceptance within your departments and or divisions. The same protocol applies to you. The only difference will be the CCTK and the NATK Orders. In this case it will be the GOKT / CCTK Constitution which the essay will have to be written on. Plus a 2 (two) page Essay on what the individual wants to get out of their membership with the Order and another 2 (two) page Essay on Why they want to be a Templar knight with the Order. Note: this is mandatory and there are no exceptions unless approved by the Office of the Presiding Bishop HQ.

Reason for this policy enforcement and Decree.

Over the last 6 years we have over a dozen individuals and organizations join our Churches and Ministry. And then start dictating their demands and wants of that which is set in stone within the Canons, Codes and Belief Statement. We are loving, fair and patient. Trying to help the individual in their spiritual walk only to be disrespected and or disappear without so much as a thank you or good bye. Or worse. Meaning with great anger and frustration.

This behavior is unacceptable and NOT Christ like or becoming of someone called to be humble in service to Christ and His flock. These individuals and organization are hereby put on notice that it stops here and now this day. The CCFM has been a stepping stone for various people that seem for awhile to want to be part of the family of the CCFM and it's Clergy and groups. But once they don't get what they insist, demand or want, they fall off (meaning do not contact or return messages) or abruptly quit and move onto another church or ministry who will give them what they want. Again, this is unbecoming of someone who comes to serve the Church, Ministry and our Lord's flock.

We are not in the business to withhold from individuals yet it has become necessary to find out their true mental state and desires of their affiliation with us.

2016 is the year we push out and grow and many around the world and in our local areas have been watching us very closely for some time now. They to, have seen the comings and goings of individuals, groups and even our own need to make abrupt changes do to differences in Dogma and Theology and even Policy's. This has to stop and it stops now.

This probationary period will benefit both parties in the short and long run. We will not accept anyone into the Seminaries before the 90 days is up. No courses will be given out. We give the courses free of charge and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS !

As for the other programs we will be able to observe the sincerity of the individual or organizations that wish to join force with us. Complete compliance, and obedience is the order of the here on. The ability to Communicate, and Verify as well as follow instruction and guidance has broken down in many areas of the ministry and it is this that greatly concerns many in the Governing bodies as to the intent of some individuals and groups and organizations. If there is the need for any minor disciplinary issue that you may face, you will have the full backing of this Office as well as in keeping an open line of the chain of command all parties that will influence or have a say will be able to do so. Any minor infractions during this 90 probation period must be stated in their record in the individual personal file and that file must be given to review by the Vicar Generals prior to the Oral Review of the individual.

Any Major infraction of the Codes of Conduct, Ethics, Belief Statement and or Canons will be subject for either an extended 90 days of probation or if the infraction is serious enough to warrant immediate dismissal and or removal from the Church, Ministry, Divisions, Departments or Programs, it will be recommended in writing with full disclosure of said incident for the Presiding Bishop to enforce. This takes that responsibility and hardship out of your hands releasing you from any grievances or guilt with the time invested with the individuals or groups.

It is our hope and prayer that this policy enforcement will prevent a lot of agitation and weed out, those that have issues or other reasons for uniting with the CCFM. Do not misunderstand, this decree is for your benefit and the over all benefit of the CCFM Organization as a whole. We must continue to Bear Good Fruit for the Kingdom of G-d. It is our responsibility to save soles and not our responsibility to play games with individuals lives nor they to disrupt the organized flow and personnel involved with the CCFM.

If you have any questions, Comments or Concerns, I ask that we openly and in a fully transparent way, come to an understanding of the importance of this Mandate and Decree. We are a team and the knowledge and experience you learn and or get from this policy will only make you a better person but a better manager of the people you are and will be involved with in the future.

As you all know, I will always answer up as soon as I can but we are all responsible for our own duties and it is this power I am giving you. Yes, it will take some time to get used to, especially since many of you have not had this or the need to experience it. However, times are changing and as you grow your Dioceses, Divisions, Departments and Programs you will more than likely see your fair share of those that wish to manipulate and or get a solid understanding of our operation from within. So please be careful.

Don't be so quick to grow because the need may seem to call for it. I would rather see ourselves grow at a 25% or even a 50% increase. That is from year to year rather than have large numbers of people and or 2/3'ed’s of them drop out with what they came for and got out of us.

As an example we have doubled in size within this past year of 2015. We did the same every year since 2009. And we now have a very solid core of dedicated G-d Fearing, G-d Loving people coming together and working for the common goal. That goal being as the primary motto of this ministry is, that being to; “Ready the Watchman and Prepare the Christian Warrior for ones Personal Spiritual Battles”.

That Brothers and Sisters is what drives us, if not than we really need to look closer at what is the goal of individuals. This policy Decree will do just that. And if at anytime within the 90 days, the individual decides to leave and go else where, than there are no hurt feels and no real secrets and information of data going with them. They take only the very foundation with which this ministry is based. That of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Corner Stone and the Laws which govern us.

Which will only help others if they incorporate them into their minds, hearts and ministries. Than that will only make the true “Body of Christ” stronger. And what does not kill us, only makes us stronger. As the old saying goes.

One final thought from the Holy Scriptures to remember and that being, “if we are being held at a higher calling and to do our best to be “above the law”, and we are held responsible by G-d and mankind for our actions then, the same should and WILL go for the rest of the world with which we interact with.

Remind your self often, that being quotes from Christ about your personal salvation. Example, John ch. 8, verse 12, Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” and, John ch. 8, verse 23, And He said to them, “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. And John ch. 17, verse 15, I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. And Romans ch. 12, verse 2, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (All Quotes are from the NKJV)

So I ask our Lord to continue to guide and direct each one of you in the New Year and in the many years ahead of us. I personally am humbled by each one of you and your dedication, Love and Respect for me and the others within the CCFM.

So now  I will ask but one more thing before you go. And that is to do your absolute best for our Lord, Jesus Christ, The ministry as a whole and mostly for the trust of the millions and even billions of lost soul looking for what we offer.

Trust is a fragile commodity but more so, it is the Eternal Soul. For that will be the most devastating thing to a person to damage or lose. And it is all of our Jobs to do all we can to make this year of 2016 their year and the true YEAR OF THE CELTS !

God bless you and Thank You. I just don't have the words to tell each of you how appreciative I am. And the love and devotion to serve this ministry of the Lords is true love and respect for each other and I to you.

Happy 2016 to you, your family and your parts of the ministry of the CCFM.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Patriarch +++ Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
Presiding Bishop of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

~~~ Public Notice ~~~

01 / 17 / 2016

Greetings and blessed salutations Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I would like to take a moment and clear up any misunderstanding as to myself taking the title of Patriarch. There are several individuals and church organizations that are attempting to cause division within the body of Christ. Meaning the Church of our Lord and Savior.

First let it be known that we do not attack publicly or privately any Church group or Organization. Be they Catholic or Protestant in denomination. And we see the attempts of a few individuals that are without understanding of our ministry structure trying to cause issues that do not pertain to them via our church and ministry. With that said I remind everyone that we are all called as Christians and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ to love one another as he loves us and to bear good fruit for His kingdom. We are all called to minister and are ordained by Him to do so.

Many in the world today seem to forget these little facts of calling ones-self a Christian and I wish to remind everyone that, that is what Christ wants and what we here at the CCFM will continue to do no matter what opposition arises. So with this said, let me set the record straight.

On March 3rd, 2009 I started this Ministry and Church of the Celtic Cross. Being ordained with the Universal Life Church and working within that structure through that ministry and Church was affiliated with International HQ., of Modesto California, the ULC Seminary of Elk Grove California, the ULC Monastery of Seattle Washington and left all of their affiliations and brought the CCM / CCFM into the ULC World HQ in Florida. Through these notifiable and internationally recognized ministries was appointed as Reverend Father, Monsignor and later Bishop. But do to theological and operational differences, left theses Church ministries.

In (I think it around) June of 2012 came under the Episcopal authority as an independent church and ministry with the Traditional Old Catholic and New Horizons Church in the United Kingdom and was granted full authority by the Archbishop and later Cardinal of that organization and elevated to Senior Bishop Primus and head of the CCM / CCFM. But again do to differences of Dogma, Theology and Church structure, left the organization.

In late 2013, I decided to come under the Episcopal authority of the Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of the United Kingdom which later merged with and with the help of our Celtic Church became one of 11 churches that re-established the original Holy See of Antioch after more than 700 years of isolation. Which in it's self is an independent Sovereign Nation State under International law. Granted by the office of HH. Queen Elizabeth of England.

Through the Holy See of Antioch and the now Holy See of Antioch Old Roman Catholic Church United Kingdom was elevated to Archbishop. But yet again to differences of Dogma and Theology and, having my resignation from the HSA declined, am for all intensive purposes still a founding member within it and an active member of Clergy. (Personally). Though do to those differences I pulled the CCM / CCFM away from the organization in order to protect the CCM / CCFM Church and it's Clergy from any leadership that would cause them undo-rest by having to follow Canon and Dogma, that does not follow the whole and infallible word of God.

In a further explanation to this fact, My Cardinal showed me the Documents via Skype and video conferencing, those documents which “INFERRED” the elevation to Archbishop and signed by my Cardinal and the head of the Holy See of Antioch himself.

In (I believe it to be) June of 2015, made this maneuver with the blessings of my Cardinal with the HSA. Who personally holds all records pertaining to the events that have brought us to this final statement.

During the months that followed, there was an attempt by a very, very large international Catholic Church denomination (not the Holy See of Antioch), to insert by their authority on an individual, elevate them to Cardinal. Which, if were accomplished, would have made that individual the head of the CCM / CCFM. And since this denomination was NOT affiliated with us, I did what I had to do and took the issue of events to our four Councils that govern and oversee the CCM / CCFM as a Church and Ministry. And under special dispensation of OUR Canon Law #132, was unanimously elevated to Cardinal and head of the CCM / CCFM and now the Old Catholic and Protestant Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries, nationally and internationally.

So by the authority vested in me granted by Christ Jesus, I accepted the responsibility of overseeing any and all operations within the CCM / CCFM globally.

But do to the fact that I personally have never had hands laid upon me at any point in my ministry to serve our Lord and His flock, I dropped the title of Cardinal and accepted the title of Patriarch as I have with the help of God, our Lord Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit, along with individuals that do and still have Apostolic lines which they bring into the CCM / CCFM. I am rightfully the 1st Patriarch of the Old Catholic and Protestant Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries and all offices, agencies, divisions, subdivisions and departments of the Celtic Cross Ministry and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

Because of what mankind has done and said in public and private and, because our Church recommending it, I dropped the title of Cardinal (in hopes that this would curve and silence our critics), so as to lessen any confusion by man (individually or collectively) or any Organization or Group of denomination be they Catholic or Protestant.

They have zero authority over the Celtic Rite, the CCM or the CCFM and we are a legal Church established in the United States of America. Never once have I personally claimed to have Apostolic Lines or Hands laid upon me, though many have promised to do so. (And they know who they are). There by using us (the CCM / CCFM) to get what they wanted. And not holding up to their promises. Yet that is okay and all is forgiven. But God will not forget.

But such is life and our Lord Jesus Christ states in the Scriptures that “you will know them by their fruits”. We as a collective of national and international members of the cloth, have and will continue to do just that. Bear Good Fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I apologize for any misunderstanding but, keep in mind that we are not governed by any other denominations law or canons but by our own and are in the right to do so by standing firmly on the whole word of God.

I am sure that this message will incite many emotions that would be to long to list here yet, some of them good and some bad. It does not matter to me what mankind thinks but, only what our Lord Jesus Christ thinks. Which He must be thinking good of us because of the Good Fruit of the harvest, we have earned thus far for his kingdom.

So I leave you with one final thought, that being, the intent of an individual or group that tries to do the work of Satan and man, claiming to be who and what they are and trying to tear down what God, Christ and the Holy Spirit has built. Our Lord Jesus Christ called me to minister back in 1986, it took me until 2009 to accept His calling and though I was happy to be just a little sidewalk preacher reaching whom I could and bring them to the Cross of our Lord. He had other plans for me and the vision he put into me. His plan has grown to be this beautiful Ministry that serves Him, no matter what mankind thinks, say's or does. He is the Head of the CCM / CCFM and this Church and Independent Old Catholic and Protestant Celtic Templar Rite. I am but His servant doing the absolute best I can with others that feel the same way. We are not in Ministry to make money and get rich off the backs of others. We are trying to survive and grow in a world that desperately needs help and the unadulterated word of God in their lives. I look at these attacks as personal and yet, I do not faultier in leading this band of Brothers and Sisters up a lighted path that God has placed in my heart.

I do however, question the intent that theses individuals and groups are perusing. And look upon it and their actions as ungodly and not fitting of a person who claims to be Christian, let alone a man or woman of the Holy Cloth of Christ. But workers and doers of the evil one, Satan. We have never and will never personally attack another person or group for any reason other than, for not holding to the whole word of God our Father in their lives. That is, as we do to any person in this world that does not hold to the infallible truth of the Holy Scriptures contained in the Holy Bible.

We do not challenge anyone except to look deep inside themselves, searching their own heart and soul for the answers which they seek. For what comes out of mans mouth and through their actions, says a lot about them and their ability to lead others. One day (and I hope in the not to distant future) official hands will be laid upon me, personally by qualified members of Clergy. Maybe within our own body of Christ or not. But one day it will happen.

Keep in mind that our Lord Jesus Christ called me and you, out of our personal desert in this world. He calls on ordinary people to do extraordinary things and as written in the Scripture of the Holy Bible, “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone”. We try our best each and every day to do the Lords work in His fields around the nation and around the world. I see nothing wrong in that and, though we have a strict code of Canon, Ethics and Morality governing each one of us within the CCM / CCFM it is only placed as the foundation which all Churches and Denominations should stand on when serving His flock.

Trust and Transparency are a corner stone to this ministry as well as the God head. I maybe the leader of our band of Brothers and Sisters and Flock, but I am just as you are. Or at least should be. That being lowly in heart, loving and forgiving, faithful and tolerant, yet never compromising what is instilled by God in ones heart. One question to be thought about before acting is to which God one is listening. Satan is the master of deception and all have been for warned via the Holy Scripture to be on guard, watchful and careful and even slow to act. Proving ones self worthy of having hands laid upon them. This I have shown and will continue to show through my leadership and on my watch.

We will all stand accountable before the Father and, we will be judged on what we did and did not do while here on earth. “We are not human beings going through a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a human experience”. (Author Unknown). I believe this with my whole heart and I want you all to know that if I have done anything wrong, than tell me. But I have never lied, deceived or manipulated anyone to bring the CCM / CCFM to the place it is today in the world. But only done as God lead me to do in such a short period of time (almost 7 years).

I will always love even those that attack us, those that hate and envy us and I will always pray for those individuals and groups that do the work of Satan, even if they think they do the will of God.

There will be no further discussion on this matter for this statement stands as a testament of who I am, who we are and our purpose to continue to do our Lords will over that of a disgruntled individual or group. It is their issue, not that of ours.

We are fully independent of any an all denominations. Never once have I claimed to be “Pope” or even “His Holiness”. But rather a poor sinner and maybe even the Master Chief of all Sinners at that. I have repented of my sins and confessed them before God and Mankind publicly. I have been atoned of my sin by our Lord Jesus Christ and I and the members of Clergy of the CCM / CCFM choose to follow the ways of Christ and His path “for us”. Question remains what about them? Whom will they follow? Time will tell and the truth will be revealed. I personally would do as the Scriptures say and that is to tie a milestone around my neck and cast myself into the sea, lest I cause one of His little ones to stumble and fall. How about you?

If you feel this way than stand with us. If not, than get out of the way. And stop trying to create controversy where there is none. The fight is with Satan, the world and his demons, not us and we stand with God and those that “prove” they to, are doing the same.

Sincerely IHS and yours, with malice towards none, and love and prayer for all,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick, Head of the Old Catholic and Protestant Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries and the, Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and Celtic Cross Ministry Globally.


For all persons, who wish to become

Templar Knights within our Orders

of the

Celtic Cross Templar Knights

and or the

North American Templar Knights

** Be It Forever Known **

The Celtic Cross Chivalric Code of Honor

I will adhere to the Code of Death before Dishonor.

I understand that a new recruit is on a probation for 90 "ninety" days.

I understand that I will not be asked a fee to be in this Order until accepted into the Order.

I understand that I must pay for my own items and or Banners when they become available.

  I understand that I may not use any part of the Orders name, without permission.

I understand that I may not use any part of, or copy, or post anything belonging and or pertaining to the CCTK / NATK Orders without permission.

I understand that this Order and all Orders under it's Command are all Christian Orders and will go to the rescue of the Holy land "Jerusalem" if called upon to do so!

I understand that I must prepare myself physically and mentally for battle for if this day should come, I will be ready with my Brothers and Sisters.

I shall defend the Celtic Cross Templar Knights and the North American Templar Knights against all enemy's, be they Mankind or Demon.

  I shall never retreat from adversity nor from any challenge from any enemy’s, be it “Mankind or Demon”.

I shall respect and defend the weak, the sick and the needy.

I shall defend my Brothers and Sisters of this Order and all other Templar Orders within it's structure and affiliation even with my life if need be.

I shall Punish the guilty, Fight wrong and seek justice for the Order and the Lord's flock of faithful Christians.

 •I shall show respect and patients to the ignorant as referenced in Scripture to the teachings of Christ and scorn those who are ignoble.

 •I shall be courtesy to all women and children and defend their honor to the best of my abilities within the Code of Conduct of a Knight of the Order.

 •I shall honor and respect all elders.

I shall be true, gentle, faithful, brave and dare to do the right thing at all times in my life.

I shall not abuse animals in anyway shape or form and scorn those that do. Standing up for the rights of humane treatment to mankind and beast alike. I understand that I am obligated to stop the abuse of the animal within my powers or by calling the proper authorities.

I shall never abuse any child no matter race or sex, I shall defend this child with my life if need be, if in peril. And to call the proper authority's as soon as I can, while remaining on scene until they come and giving a full report to that higher carnal authority.

I shall ceaselessly oppose evil and deceit.

I shall perform scrupulously my civic duties.

 •I shall spontaneously show outward acts of kindness and generosity whenever possible, lead by the Spirit of God to do so, without hesitation.

 •I shall remain faithful to my pledged oath.

I shall prudently give alms and aid to the CCFM, CCTK and or the NATK Church and Orders.

 •I shall be everywhere and always the champion of right, good, and tolerance against injustice.

 •I shall keep from talking about or posting anything about illegal acts or immoral acts that maybe seen and construed by others as inappropriate or unfitting of being a Templar Knight. Or in posting about the actions of others unless it warrants attention and here by going through the proper chain of command before doing so of my own free will on any persons page, blog or any other form of media unless, authorized by my superiors when it comes to the order or my personal life. Thereby showing self control and restraint and allowing the system to work for all rather than for my own self.

 •I shall not permit anyone to copy my certificate that I have been issued.

 •I shall show that I'm active in the Order for more than three months, if I'm absent longer, I understand that I may be removed from the Order. Or if I do not pay the recommend fees or dues in the time frame specified.

 •I shall not use foul language of any kind on this Orders page or in my personal life. So as to show all in the world and Order that I am the Light on the table as the Holy Scripture describes a follower of Christ should be. For any form of foul language is unbecoming of one calling one self a Christian and follower of Christ Jesus or that of a Templar Knight of this Order. Knowing full well that if it gets back to the authorities of our Templar Order, that disciplinary action will ensue and could be grounds for my dismissal to the Order of the Celtic Cross.

I shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor and I will show courtesy, respect and honor to duty and service to my neighbor as to not injure their character.

I shall not post hateful pictures and videos on the Orders page or on my own social media pages, be they public or private. It is about honor to ones self and the Order in which I choose to belong of my own free will.

I shall remember anger blinds on the Battlefield, a cool head wins the day.

 •I shall Live for God and Love his Church, the Order and the Ministry of the CCFM.

NOTE: If you don't agree with these words, then you must leave and voluntarily remove yourself with notice to the Grand Master, Grand Prior or Grand Commander of your Order or Orders at once.

We love and respect you, your rights and your wishes to live as you chose however, we serve God and His flock. Which is our Higher Calling to do so.

No one ever said being a Christian or a Templar Knight would be easy. As a matter of fact, it will be the most challenging and yet most rewarding thing you may ever do. That being as Christ wants for you and for all people. It is our DUTY and HONOR to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God the Father and their Holy and Loving Spirit, the Church of the CCFM, the Templar Orders of this Church and Ministry along with the Flock of Faithful Christians, locally and worldwide. For this is what it means to call ones self a Templar Knight of the Celtic Cross.

We will be praying for you and that God be with you and that He may keep you from harm, safe, faithful and righteous all the days of your life!

All violations shall be dealt with as quickly as possible with a swift warning, followed by removal from the Order or Orders if compliance is not met on ones own behalf. For this is a Code of Chivalry and Honor to God, the Church, the Order and to ones self.

Sincerely IHS and yours, by DECREE of the Grand Master to the C.C.T.K. and N.A.T.K. Orders

This day in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, January 23rd, 2016


Public Reminder

For all Future In Coming and now Presently Active Clergy with the CCFM

Decree for ALL CCFM CLERGY... Effective today, 12/09/2015 and updated on 02/03/2016

The Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry's new Keppi for all Clergy and Monks of both Church Plantings.

We are adopting the Zion Judaica as our Ministries daily head cover in place of the Roman Catholic Zucchito and henceforth known as the Celtic Cross Keppi.

And yes, I know how to spell the word but, we are, who we are.

Celtic Rite by birth or by choice. So the word is KEPPI !

Celtic Cross Keppi Patriarch / Matriarch White, Red (Year Round)

Or Emerald Green, Lime Green, Gold (Personal Preference when working within the confines of specific ministerial duties within the confines of the Old Catholic or Protestant Churches)

Celtic Cross Keppi (Year Round) for all Archbishops is Fuchsia

Celtic Cross Keppi for Bishops is Deep Purple (Year Round)

Celtic Cross Keppi is Lavender for all Senior Bishop Primus Clergy (Year Round)

Celtic Cross Keppi for all Monsignors (Year Round) Burgundy

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Summer Wear is Light Gray for the Benedictine Order

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Winter Wear is Dark Gray for the Benedictine Order

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Summer Wear Beige / Light Tan for the Franciscan Order

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Winter Wear Brown for the Franciscan Order

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Summer Wear is Rust for the Columba Order

Celtic Cross Keppi a Monks Winter Wear is Forest Green for the Columba Order

Celtic Cross Keppi Winter Wear Emerald Green for all Evangelical Ministers

Celtic Cross Keppi Summer Wear Lime Green / Olive for all Evangelical Ministers

Celtic Cross Keppi Winter Wear Gold for all Canonical Catholic Priests

Celtic Cross Keppi Summer Wear Gold for all Canonical Catholic Priests

Celtic Cross Keppi Special Occasion Black for Funerals and Memorial Services

Celtic Cross Keppi Special Occasion White for Weddings, Anniversary’s and Special Feast Day's of Obligation

These are much more cost effective for everyone to purchase and are made with the highest quality standards. And yes, even I your Patriarch and Presiding Bishop will be ordering several that I will need. I think everyone will like them and get used to the idea as well.

Though Nuns and Seminarians will not have to wear them. Chaplains will not either, though it will be optional.

You can order them worldwide via Amazon.

Just proceed to our E-Shop and scroll down till you see the posting for the

Celtic Cross Keppi’s.

These are much more cost effective for everyone to purchase and are made with the highest quality standards. And yes, even I your Patriarch and Presiding Bishop will be ordering several that I will need.

I think everyone will like them and get used to the idea as well.

Though Nuns and Seminarians will not have to wear them.

Chaplains will not either, though it will be optional.


The Clergy of the CCFM are required to purchase the following Clergy Shirt colors with Tab Collar within the next two years. That being All have until the end of the,

Calendar year of October 30th, 2017

to come into compliance with this decree.

For the Canonical Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross

Spring and Summer Color Clergy Shirt with Tab Collar

Canary Yellow with Gold Celtic Cross Keppi is required and to be worn

Fall and Winter Color Clergy Shirt with Tab Collar

Gold with Gold Celtic Cross Keppi is required and to be worn

For the Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross

Spring and Summer Color Clergy Shirt with Tab Collar

Lime Green with Lime Green Celtic Cross Keppi is required and to be worn

Fall and Winter Color Clergy Shirt with Tab Collar

Emerald Green with Emerald Green Celtic Cross Keppi is required and to be worn

Monsignors, Bishops and Archbishops will be required to wear their specific color

Nuns - will be required to wear a Nuns Habit.

Please speak with Abbess Bishop +Sherie Mecier for details for all Sisters / Nuns

This notice is updated and here by effective as of,


By ordered decree of the Presiding Bishop

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew Patrick

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~ Official Ministerial Public Announcement ~

Non-Profit Church, Ministry and Foundation Incorporation Status Acquired  

PSA ~ Sponsorship Campaign

At the start of the new year, 2017, Celtic Cross Ministry and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry will be adding paid Sponsorship spacing to our ministries official websites. and

There will be several areas to advertise your Company, Organization, Trust, Foundation or in the Memory of a loved one, in affiliation with our ongoing efforts to raise funds to help our needs to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mission placed in our trust here in the USA and around the Globe.

We have been trying to raise funds for Bibles in other languages and dialects. For our mission efforts in Spain, Chile, Russia, Africa, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean Island Basin and Philippine Islands as well as other parts of the world needing the Old and New Testament Scriptures in their languages. So as to help our Clergy, Templar’ and Chaplains work and teach the word of God to those who need to know and learn of His will and ways for their lives.

We also are trying to raise funds to help the Refugee Crises in the Great Lake Region of Africa. Affecting the Burundian people displaced by civil war and political unrest in that country. It is affecting and depleting the limited resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We have the means and connections, we just need your financial support to help save lives and change hearts and minds in this battered and mostly forgotten part of the world.

Our Templar Orders here in the USA and around the World are working on local issues and offer what help they can with very few resources at their disposal to help the needy in their communities.

Our Chaplains and Medical Outreach Division needs support as we see our communities and world continue to suffer and struggle when emergencies hit and panic set’ in. There is a great need for Chaplains and dedicated men and women with the means to help in getting peoples lives back to a form of normality and show that there are many ways this can be done.

Our Seminary Programs and Churches around the world need help with printed materiel, computers, musical instruments of all types and in many other areas of academia. Even with just the basics to help plant the seed and spread the word of Christ in their regions.

The many orphanages around the world that call upon us for help, for basic things like food, cloths, medical assistance, help with housing and shelter, clean water, school supplies and the such.

This is just some of what this Foundation, Ministry and Church is trying to do to help our fellow man, but we need your help to see our Lord’ vision come true here and around the world.

Now more than ever, with the real threat being a personal attack on Christianity itself, it is so vitally important that we pull together and show our countrymen and the world that Christianity is not the problem but rather, the solution. That by working together, unified in the common goal of showing Christ’ love”through our actions, we impact lives, one person at a time. Showing Christ manifested through us to those that may not know Him or even to those that have lost hope in Him. There by bringing them back to His loving arms through His saving grace of love, mercy, hope and charity.  

What a small price to pay for a few advertising dollars of support, to have such a big impact on peoples lives.

So please, pray on this and ask our Lord to guide His loving and ever Holy Spirit to help us help them through you, in ministry and hope by partnering with Celtic Cross Ministry Inc.

Your advertising dollars will not go to waist. It will make a difference here and abroad. We will include your campaign or marketing logo with a back-link to your website, email or contact info. So lets talk about how we can help further Christ’ great commandment of love, mercy and hope to a lost world.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

Contact us at by Email:

or Phone: 1-(440) 949-0573 between 10AM – 4PM Wednesday's - (EST)

~ PSA ~ Attention ~ PSA ~

This is a special notice to publicly inform everyone that the,

Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry,

Celtic Cross Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries,

has officially entered into an Ecclesiastical Communion Charter

with H.E. Very Rev. Dr. Cardinal +++Harold J. La Shomb Jr.

and the International Bexonist Church and Ministry,

and the International Holy Order Celtic Circle

on December 17th, 2016.

This entitlement includes the forbearance of a full communion agreement between our churches, and ministries. We agree on Theology, Doctrine, Scripture, Belief Statements, Moral and Ethical Codes of Conduct and Canon.

It is fitting by God’s grace and blessing that we come together in unity.

 To strengthen one another, aid one another, assist one another and tend to the Lord’s flock while protecting the Lord’s Church and Body. With the blessings of our Lord,

 the Church and His flock, may it stand until the end of time.

We ask you all for your continued prayers, blessings and support of this new communion of our Churches and Ministries, as we work together with other Church leaders and Organizations nationally and around the world for the spiritual empowerment through the Gospel of the Lord and stability through the strengthening

 of our Lord's faithful and the lost.

Thank you, God Bless you and May God Bless this Ecclesiastical Communion Charter between the Celtic Templar Rite of Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., and the Holy Order Celtic Circle of the Bexonist Church and Ministry.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick


On 08/29/16 the Ministry as a whole was incorporated in the United States of America as a Non-Profit Church, Ministry and Foundation. So as to protect and cover all of the Ministry’s divisions, subdivisions, departments, churches, ministries, and other operations and clergy worldwide.

Not as a 501 c3, yet still to raise funds to spread the gospel and work of Christ Jesus through our mission.