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2017 - PSA - Public Notices - PSA - 2017

PSA ~ Attention ~ PSA

January 20th, 2017

Folks, this past Friday the Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries of Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry entered into another blessed Ecclesiastical Communion.

We are pleased, blessed and humbled to welcome and announce today that the parish and congregation of the Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Sweetwater, Tennessee have officially been accepted into full Ecclesiastical Communion with our ministry and churches worldwide.

With this Communion, I have granted their Pastor,

Rev. Fr. Jason W. Crowder+, two Charters.

That is, into two divisions of the CCFM. Those are, the Sacred Order of Exorcists, as well as the Celtic Cross Templar Knights / North American Templar Knights.

Father Crowder+, will set up, enlist and organize the new Statewide CCTK / NATK Charter # 15 of Sweetwater, Tennessee. His position and title with the CCTK / NATK is as follows, Priory Chaplain Chancellor of the Order ~ Ephemeral Provincial Commander for the Great State of Tennessee. Anyone living in the State of Tenn. wishing to join the CCTK / NATK will be vented and under his guidance.

As for the second Charter, that being, into the S.O.E.

Fr. Crowder+ is an experienced paranormal investigator and exorcist. And has been granted status as Chief Exorcists within the order. He has an investigative research team which will be known as the, Sacred Order of Exorcists Sweetwater, Tennessee. They will be investigating paranormal inquiries and if need be, taking appropriate steps to aid in or to eradicate the spiritual demonic, if called upon.

We are very blessed to have another great Conservative Church and Ministry organization standing firm on the whole word of Scripture. As well as it’s faithful, willing to stand up and be accountable in the eyes of God and man with us as we do the unpopular, but rather do that which we feel is right by God and His will for all mankind. That is to be an example of His love, mercy and to be a pillar of hope and light on a hill for others to come and follow. For Christ’s ways are right for all people. But it is a matter of choice. One which we all will be accountable for, in standing with or not. One day.

Please welcome Fr. Jason Crowder+ and the Parish congregation of the Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd of Sweetwater, Tennessee to the fellowship and Full Ecclesiastical Communion of the Celtic Templar Rite of the CCM Inc. / CCFM. We are blessed to have you as fellow laborers and brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus’ vineyard.

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

PSA ~ Announcement ~ PSA

January 1st, 2017

The ministry has issued a new online newsletter publication called the,

Celtic Town Crier

It will be a bimonthly newsletter that will offer the ministry, Clergy and Templar Commanders a format to let the public know what activities are going on and what has been going on in their communities. You will also find other interesting information relating to the ministry and operations.

The Celtic Town Crier

PSA ~ Public Notices ~ PSA

Here is where you can find information that we feel maybe of relevance to you.

As it pertains to individuals (active or inactive) and other note worthy subjects and topics,

that deal with and or affect the CCFM and or it’s Clergy and our Congregants and Parishioners.

It is our intention that it will make you, an informed visitor which will make your visit more enjoyable. Knowing that we care about,

Integrity, Transparency and Commitment

to the Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you our visitor.

We want to be your Church and Ministry

and we want you to join us wherever you are. We want you to be aware of what we are doing to help support and educate the general public (you),

by rebuilding the trust which may have been lost to many in the Church, Ministry and body of Christ.



The Celtic Rite

of the

Celtic Cross Church

Celtic Church

Celtic Cross Ministry

and the

Global Headquarters of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry


All statements appearing here, are approved for public notice by the Presiding Bishop of the CCFM

Please Scroll Down to see the newest Messages, Announcements and PSA’s posted.

H.E., Very Rev. Dr. Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

C.C.F.M., O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.E., S.O.S.B.N.B., H.O.C.C.


February 15th, 2017

Folks, I'd like to make a personal note to bring to everyone's attention. More of a fact if you will of clarification.

Though the Celtic Cross Ministry is Incorporated as a non-profit Church, Ministry and Foundation we are choosing not to proceed acquiring the status as a 501 c3 at this time due to the uncertain state of political changes which may occur. Which could affect that status when it comes to what can and cannot be done by this Religious Institution and Foundation. Financially and otherwise, if we were to accept funds from grants from groups that do not stand with our beliefs, standards and codes.

Secondly, I wish to make everyone aware that not one individual within this organization, church, ministry or foundation at this time receives a paycheck or reimbursement of any sort. Every individual of the CCM Inc. in every Division, Subdivision and Department including all clergy and laypersons are 100% volunteers. From the Patriarch on down and have been since the conception of this ministry in March of 2009.

Any money ever received as a love offering or donation to this ministry has been spent to further the ongoing operational needs of its function. We want your trust and we want you to know that doing our Lord's work is our top priority. Not lining our pockets as many non-profit organizations have been know to do throughout the years which have been noted in the news.

We will be as transparent as we can, for we know that we are held accountable not only by man but by our Lord. Who is the one we serve. For in the end, it is He who we all will stand in judgement before and be accountable to.

We here at the CCM and all of its Churches, Ministries and the Foundational works will continue to do our absolute best to continue to earn that trust through honor and dedicated service to our Lord, the people and His flock.

Thank you for your time may our Lord Jesus Christ watch over you and bless you abundantly always.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

Public Service Announcement


for the

Churches names to be changed and why!

~ Public Notice ~

An update and classifications have been made to our hierarchal system

as of

May 29th, 2017

Official Mandate

for the Celtic Templar Rite of the

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Including all Divisions, Subdivisions, Departments and Communions

Hierarchy Defined

for the

Priesthood to the Celtic Templar Rite

of the

Old Catholic and Protestant Churches and Orders

+++Patriarch / +++Matriarch is the Presiding Bishop = Very Reverend

+++Cardinal = C.C.O.C.T.C. / +++Metropolitan = C.C.E.T.C. = Very Reverend

++Archbishop = C.C.O.C.T.C. / ++Overseer = C.C.E.T.C. = Most Reverend

+Senior Bishop Primus = C.C.O.C.T.C. = Right Reverend (Minor Rite)

+Bishop = Right Reverend = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

+Suffragan Bishop = C.C.O.C.T.C. = Right Reverend

+Bishop Elect = Right Reverend (Minor Rite) = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Canon Chancellor+++ = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Canon++ / Archdeacon++ = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

 Monsignor+ = C.C.O.C.T.C. / Presbyter+ = C.C.E.T.C.

Reverend Father = C.C.O.C.T.C. / Reverend Evangelist = C.C.E.T.C.

Deacon & Deaconess = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Eucharistic Minister / Lay Minister / Lay Ecclesial Minister = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Subdeacon = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Monastery and Brotherhood Orders

+Abbott = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Abbot++  (Asst. to Abbott) = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Prior+ = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Friar = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Monk = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Hermit = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Brother = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.

Elder = C.C.E.T.C.

Convent and Sisterhood Orders

+Abbess = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Abbas++  (Asst. to Abbess) = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Mother Superior++ = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Reverend Mother+ = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Nun - Sister - 3rd Vows given = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Novice - 2nd Vows given = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Oblate - 1st Vows given = C.C.O.C.T.C.

Mother = C.C.E.T.C.

Elder = C.C.E.T.C.

Sister = C.C.E.T.C. & C.C.O.C.T.C.


Admiral ****

Lieutenant General *** / Vice Admiral ***

Major General ** / Rear Admiral ** (Upper Grade)

Brigadier General * / Rear Admiral * (Lower Grade)




1st  Lieutenant

2nd  Lieutenant

Chief Warrant Officer III

Chief Warrant Officer II

Chief Warrant Officer I



Vicar General



Associate Professor


Global PRESS Corps

Senior Editor

Chief Editor

International Correspondent

National Correspondent

Investigative Reporter



Forum Writer

Sacred Order of Exorcists

Master Exorcist

Senior Exorcist

Chief Exorcist

Lead Exorcist


Prayer Warrior

Chief Investigator


Investigative Member

Order of the Flild

A Druidic Term used by the early Celtic Christian Church referring to one who is a wondering

Musician, Poet, Psalmist, Prophet, Gospelier or Teacher of the Christian Faith.

Psalmist / Bard / Prayer Warrior / Christian Warrior / Templar Knight or Dame / Missionary

NOTE: C.C.E.T.C. = Celtic Cross Evangelical Templar Church - Planting Ministry

C.C.O.C.T.C. = Celtic Cross Old Catholic Templar Church - Planting Ministry

Official Mandate of the Patriarch and Presiding Bishop

of the

Celtic Templar Rite

H.E. Very Reverend Doctor Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

C.C.F.M., H.O.C.C., I.F.C.C., A.O.C.I., N.A.C.M.

O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.E., S.O.S.B.N.B

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