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Chaplaincy Directory

Updated on December 14th, 2017

Members of our Clergy

Directly Affiliated and Assimilated into the

Chaplaincy Division

Chaplain - Admiral

Chaplain X Class, H.E., Very Rev. Dr. Patriarch+++Andrew M. B. Patrick

Veteran – U.S. Coast Guard

Commander of the International Chaplains Association of the Celtic Cross Corp

Chaplain - Major General

Chaplain VIII Class, H.E. Overseer ++Ian Gaylard

Veteran - Police Officer U.K. of England & Canada

Vice Commander and International Operations Commander of the ICACC

Departmental Supervisor of International Missionary Projects

Chaplain - Brigadier General

Chaplain VIII Class, Presbyter William J. Lucas+

Veteran - U.S. Air Force

ICACC - Departmental Commandant of Protestant Chaplains

Chaplain - Brigadier General

Chaplain VII Class, H.E. Archbishop ++ Cormac Malakhov

Veteran - Soviet Union Army

ICACC - Departmental Commandant of Catholic Chaplains

Chaplain - Colonel

Chaplain IIV Class, Sister Sherie J. Mercier

Veteran – U.S. Army

ICACC - Liaison w/ American Legion Arizona

Chaplain - Major

Chaplain IV Class, Rev. Canon Chancellor Jeff “Chad” Leach+++

Veteran - Royal Air Force Reserve

ICACC - Corps Department Liaison Chaplain to the RAF Cadets Squadron 1046

Chaplain - Major

Chaplain IV Class, Rev. Evangelist Robert Taylor

Veteran – U.S. Marine Corps

ICACC - Liaison w/ Community Resources and Outreach Division

* Honorary Chaplain - Chief Warrant Officer I Class *

Eucharistic Minister Magdaline Bomback

 American Legion Elyria, Ohio & Elyria Memorial Hospital, Ohio

ICACC - Liaison with the ICACC Chaplains Corps.

and the Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Div.

For more information on our Chaplaincy Uniforms

See our

Chaplains Corps Page

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