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Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated

Celtic Cross Templar Knights


Grand Master - H.E. (His Excellency) Archbishop ++++Perpetuo B. P. Sagra CCtKGm II Patriarch

United Sates of America

Muster Call


Muster Call

Priory of the United States of America

(Charter # 000)

Celtic Cross Templar Knights


North American Templar Knights

Archdiocese of the Holy Trinity


Sir William J. Palmer CCtK


Sir Dennis Thuringer (Rev.) CCtK


Sir Joe Thompson CCtK


Sir Joel Sexton CCtK


 Sir Michael A. Trent CCtKCP          Sir Wesley B. Shroyer CCtKPS


Sir Arlen J. Gilspy Jr. CCtK


Presbyter William “Jeff” Lucas+ CCtKDch    Lady Michelle Knickerbocker CCtD


Lady Karen Kita CCtD            Lady Aurore Leigh Barrett (Rev. Dr.) CCtD

New York

Sir Richard Davin CCtK

North Carolina

Bp. +Andrew McMenamin CCtKRch


Lady Linda Kregeer CCtD       Sir Wayne Booth CCtK        Sir Robert Meeks CCtK

 Sir Michael Simpson NAtK   Sir James Bonica CCtK     Sir Darrell Reed (Rev.) CCtK      

Sir Jon Michael Eltringham (Rev. Fr.) CCtKPC       Sir Matthew  K. Cadrette NAtK


  Sir Cameron Welch CCtKPC           Lady Desiree Ford CCtD          Sir Travis Price CCtK  Sir Keith Ward CCtK    Lady Vanessa Adams Simpson CCtD    Sir Conner Wetzel CCtK                 Sir Jeri Doyle CCtK        Lady Christine Castilio CCtD   


Sir William C. Bass CCtKPC      Sir Simeon Holthouse CCtKpm


Sir James Mills (Rev.) CCtK


Sir Jason W. Crowder+ (Rev. Fr) CCtKChC   

 Lady Christy Moree CCtDDC


Sir Juan Garza  (Rev. Evangelist) CCtKPC

Lady Tonyah Nichols CCtDDC

Sir Joshua W. Freeman CCtKPS / NAtKPS

Sir Addison K. Hill CCtKpm / NAtKpm


Sir David S. Murphy (Abp.++) CCtKPA


Sir Gary K. Taylor NAtKRch    Lady Molly Taylor CCtK

Priory of Russia

(Charter # 001)

Ephemeral Knights Commander

Priory Chaplain Chancellor - H.E. Archbishop ++Cormac A. Malakho CCtKchPCC

Priory of Chile

(Charter # 002)

Knights Commander - Sir Patricio Vicente De La Plaza Gumucio CCtKC

Priory of Spain

(Charter # 003)

Knights Commander - Sir Jose L. Trillo Checa CCtKC

Priory of Ireland

(Charter # 004)

Knights Commander - Baron, Terence Barry CCtKC

Sir Thomas Martin CCtK          Sir Seàn de Barra CCtK

Priory of the United Kingdom of England

(Charter # 007)

Ephemeral Knights Commander

Priory Chaplain Chancellor - H.E. Overseer ++Ian Gaylard CCtKchPCC

Sir Jeffery Chad Leach (Rev. Canon Chancellor) CCtK

Priory of Pakistan

(Charter # 008)

Ephemeral Knights Commander

Priory Chaplain Chancellor - H.G. Bishop +Kashif Alexander CCtKchPCC

Lady Shama Noreen CCtDC      Lady Tasneem Alexander CCtKDpc

Rev. Chaplain Sarwar Masih CCtKDch      Rev. Chaplain Lucas M Bhatti CCtKchKD

Sir Adnan Saleem CCtKGS      Sir Sarwar Masih (Rev.) CCtKPS

Sir Haroon Ghauri CCtKRS    Sir Samuel Sohail Bhatti CCtKDS

Sir Salman Iqbal CCtKPT   Rev. Chaplain Sarwar Masih CCtKDCh

 Sir Lucas M Bhatti (Rev. Chaplain)  CCtKchKD    Sir Adeel Edwin CCtKPA

Annual Administration Membership Love Offering

 of a suggested donation of $25.00 USD, paid at time of submitting request and is considered as a good faith donation which is a Templar trait of HONOR, LOYALTY, COURTESY and FAITHFULNESS to the Order.

Donation will be due by October 30th of every year there after.

This is to help support the order and ministry.

A Celtic Cross Templar Knight

is always

 Loyal, Honorable, Patient, Courageous,

Chivalric, Merciful, Courteous, Justifiable, Strong, Wise, Honest and Faithful

Knights and Dames Rights

of the

Celtic Cross Templar Knights

upon elevation or appointment to the rank of a Templar Knight of the Order

1. Use of Rank & Title

2. Use of the Order's Crest of Honor

3. For Men - use of CCtK after your name / For Women – use of CCtD after your name

4. Right to wear all Knights Templar Regalia

5. Right to propose Membership to the Knights Templar's

6. Right to propose Membership to specific Committee within the Order

7. Right to propose (petition) appointments, Ranks, & Titles for commendable deeds

8. Right to create a Templar Temple or Templar Chapel or Templar Civic Center   

9. Arrange fund raising Events for the Order under the guidance of the, Fund-raising Committee

Mandated Obligation of every member of the Order

1. To obey all lawful orders and requests.

2. To always remain a Watchman and follow Christ and the teachings of the CCFM Churches and

to expand and advance the Order Membership.

The Christian Warrior Network Motto

“To Ready the Watchman and Prepare the Christian Warrior for ones personal Battles”

In the Gaelic Tongue

“Chun Réidh an Watchman agus Ullmhaigh an Trodaí Críostaí le haghaidh ceann amháin cathanna pearsanta”


A CCTK / NATK Member embraces the message in - James Ch. 2, Verses 10 /13 & 14

10.) For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.

13.) For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. “Mercy triumphs over judgment”.

14.)  What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?

Can faith save him? (NKJV)

In the Gaelic Tongue

A CCTK / Ball NATK Cuimsíonn an teachtaireacht i - James Ch. 2 véarsaí, 10/13 & 14

10.) I gcás a bheidh gidh bé a choinneáil ar an dlí ar fad, agus stumble fós i pointe amháin, bhí sé ciontach i ngach.

13.) I gcás breithiúnas Is gan trócaire leis an gceann a Tá sé léirithe ag aon trócaire. "Bhuanna na Trócaire thar breithiúnas".

14.) Cad a dhéanann sé brabús, mo bhráithre, má deir duine éigin go bhfuil sé creideamh ach nach bhfuil oibreacha?

An féidir creideamh shábháil dó? (NKJV)

The Christian Warrior Network Motto

“To Ready the Watchman and Prepare the

Christian Warrior for ones personal Battles”

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