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Copy Write Notice  per the CCFM

This educational documentary film is provided by our non-profit organization strictly for academic and research purposes. The video itself is presented as tangible evidence, for academic citation, proving that certain historical facts or conclusions of historians have been recognized or referred to by mass media outlets or other researchers. It is thus provided as a "living footnote", referred to in our own original more academic and scholarly research.

It is our good faith belief, verified to the best of our ability, that the author of this video has already caused or allowed it to be made freely available non-commercially to the general public. Original credits have been preserved (if such were contained in the work). It has been digitally re-mastered to improve video and audio quality. Accordingly, this use cannot infringe on the economic nor attributional value to the author.

This constitutes "Fair Use" under the laws of the United States (17 USC 107), and "Fair Dealing" under the laws of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries.

If you are the author, producer or lawful owner of copyrights in this work, and you believe that we have mistakenly identified it as under Commons License authorized for non-commercial Fair Use, please DO NOT make complaints to YouTube or otherwise.

If you SIMPLY REQUEST removal of the video directly to us (through our Email or Website which are disclosed in this YouTube Channel), and provide any evidence indicating that you reasonably hold rights in the work, we will GLADLY REMOVE it promptly and voluntarily.


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