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Celtic Cross Ministry Inc.

Code of Ethics

For all members of our Clergy & Seminarians of the

and the

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry of the Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries

Is composed of Clergy, each working as an agent unto

themselves in their respective Congregations and Parishes.

We remind all Clergy that the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry is under the jurisdictional standards of

National and International Law

All Clergy answer to their respective Priests and Bishops and all answer to

the Patriarch of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

All complaints are dealt with severely.

The Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

reminds all ministers working as Pastoral Counselors

that confidentially is not extended in all cases to ministers, even

with the seal of confession is at stake.

A minister may be summoned to

court and ordered to divulge what has been told to him/her even in a

counseling session. There is no law or blanket exemption which

protects a minister from that order. There is a privilege, which

exists and can be taken away at any time, at the discretion of the courts.

We remind everyone that it is unethical and may be

illegal to engage in sexual contact with a client or person under

your care and this extends to people within your church, where you

are seen as an authority figure.

We also strongly remind any

minister who hears about abuse or a crime even in a counseling

session that they are obligated to report it to the proper authorities.

We also remind any minister that illegal behavior

is not now and never will be condoned

and if an allegation is put forth we will

investigate the allegation to the best of our abilities in a fair

and ethical manner, and if necessary, take steps to resolve this,

even if it means taking away the credentials of ministry issued by

the Holy See and returning them to laity.

In an effort to maintain fairness,

and to exclude those allegations which

are merely devices to place shame upon a minister or brought in a

manner which is clearly malicious, slanderous or libelous,

the following will be adhered to:

All persons making an allegation,

whether by email, postal mail, telephone or in person,

must identify themselves using their true

name. Proof of identity will be required.

All persons making an allegation must provide their true address,

telephone number and email address. These will be verified.

Anonymous allegations and complaints will not be accepted.

If the person who is making an allegation does not have the courage of

their convictions in order to properly identify themselves, then

the allegation or complaint will be viewed as lacking substance, merit and credibility.

Allegations or complaints of a nature so serious that they may

require immediate action will be forwarded to the proper authorities without delay.

During the course of the investigation, if any, of a complaint or

allegation against a member of the clergy of this,

the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions of the

clergy member while the matter is being investigated prior to

resolution and while the member remains in ministerial status.

We also remind all Bishops

that being a Bishop does not infer or extend

any special or preferential treatment to them and that the same

rules apply to them as well.

This policy will be strictly adhered to, without exception.

By official Order

of the

Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. Board of Directors,

Celtic Cross Conclave of International Independent Catholic and Christian Bishops

and the

Abbesses Council of the Celtic Cross Saint Scholastica Sisterhood

Mandated by the

Patriarch of the Celtic Templar Rite and the Celtic Cross Church & Ministry

H.E., The Very Rev. Dr., Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

C.C.F.M., O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.E., S.O.S.B.N.B.

of the

Global Headquarters of Celtic Cross Ministry

and any and all subsidiary divisions of said church and ministry.

To take affect immediately as of

March , 3rd, 2009

Electronically signed by the affixed Official Episcopal Coat of Arms

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