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Investigate the work they do for yourselves and donate and support them.

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Mercy Ships

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We don’t support the war and genocide placed on the poor suffering souls caught up in an unjust civil power struggle that has killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of Burundians and other citizens from other war torn and economy ravaged regions.

However, these entire regions are economically stressed beyond their stability

and the resources are inadequate for the masses.

These refugees need your help and need it now. So please, help us, help them to feel healthy, safe and secure as they try to get their lives back to some form of normalcy.

All life does matter !

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The fact remains,

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Help Us, Help Them Today. Donate Now!

Operation Burundi

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Life is a Bowl of…Oatmeal?

Hello again Brothers and Sisters, the Lord is smiling upon us each and every day, and it is for us keeping His Commandments and remembering the sacrifice that he made for us that  he shines His Countenance and Blessings upon us.  It is the like sacrifices that we make as parents each and every day for our children that instills faith and love and kindness in them and prepares them for an eternity of joy in following our Lord. It is with this, that I would like to share with you a fond moment of my family’s life…

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to conceive!  For the greater percentage of us, having a child isn’t (or wasn’t) something that was given a lot of thought or consideration.  In fact, a lot of parents ponder more over whether to have soup or salad with dinner.  Nonetheless, and thankfully so, the world keeps turning and our children (for the most part) are hopefully oblivious to our past ignorance’s.  I know that when I became a father for the first time, I was totally unprepared for what was to come, and believe me, it didn’t get any easier the second, third or fourth time either.  Why is this?  I think that I was trying to quantify my children to fit an ill-conceived mold. Fortunately, they made it to adulthood intact – at least they are not criminals, drug addicts, or democrats – well 3 of them aren’t anyway. 

Then, just when we thought that we were in the “home stretch,” along came a little “surprise” (9 years after our fourth child) and our whole world was turned upside-down…that is until she was born! 

For reasons unknown to me at that time, this child was different.  Although my wife’s labor had been relatively short, it was physically hard on her – breaking her tailbone during delivery!  Consequently she was in an extreme amount of pain and virtually unable, for the first couple of months to do a lot with our new baby girl except to breast feed.  As a result, I had the opportunity to bond a little more closely with this child than any of the others before.  This precious babe would sleep on my chest those first weeks so she would be close enough for my wife to feed her without having to get up and further aggravate her condition.  This closeness that was built, forever changed the way I viewed fatherhood, and my way of parenting.  I was learning to appreciate and enjoy the “small” things – watching my daughter play and learn and grow; realizing that each child is a beautiful individual that has so much to give, and teach us as parents, and also realizing, sadly enough, that I had missed so much with my other children.  But, we are to enjoy what we have and not remorse over what we don’t; and even though I wished that I had experienced this with my other children, I could not go back in time to change things and it would not be fair to this child to take away or lament the loss.  As a result, two-years later my wife and I decided to have “one” more child; we were blessed with another daughter!  She, like her other siblings is her own person, and we (my wife and I) appreciate the fact she is just that.

Some people say “life is a bowl of cherries,” I tend to think of life (or parenthood) as a bowl of oatmeal.  Sometimes a little plain and boring, life – like oatmeal, is what we make of it – and whether you decide to sweeten yours or not, life is still good!

And so dear brothers and sisters, our time together again has drawn to a close; I hope you remember to love your family as our Blessed Lord loves you!
You may reach out to me anytime at or  Until next time, may the Lord bless and keep you and your family safe.

In His Service,
Archdeacon Rev. Dr. Gary K. Taylor++
Chief Editor
Celtic Cross Global Press Corps