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Feathered Quill Periodical

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Chaplains Corner

Health and Wellness Awareness Segment

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Chief Warrant Officer II

Rev. Evangelist Mary C. Hewitt

BSN, B.Div., m.s.a., s.o.s.s.s.

International Chaplains Association of the Celtic Cross

Medical Outreach Operations Consultant / Advisor

Human Interests Correspondent

Celtic Cross Global PRESS Corps

Poetry of Inspiration, Healing & Hope


I want to give God the glory, but I end up giving the devil his due.

My mind, filled with so much guilt, shame, and worry, that I cannot hear Christ's story.                               

I was taught that Christ Jesus died for my sins and all had been forgiven; on the day that I accepted Him as Lord and Savior over my life; so WHY then, do I keep dwelling on my past;  as seen by the way that I am liven?

God has graced me righteous and new; but instead, I keep giving the devil his due.

So on and on I try and struggle with this fight; yet, Jesus keeps whispering, "Let it go. It's on me, both day and night."                                                                     

Am I the only Christian who does this?

Please tell me. What about You?

How Do I Really Know?

Broken and beat down;

     the emptiness within my whole being riotously abounds.

Filled with pain, anguish and fears;

     my loneliness could be seen and felt  throughout my tears.

Through my work, booze, drugs, friends and other harmful measures;

      I tried to fill that void by seeking outside, worldly pleasures.  

Increased problems had arisen,

     when my angered pride lashed out, at those whom I had imprisoned.

I finally gave up when I saw what I had become;

     Now I’m no longer that person on the run.

That use to be me, until Christ set me free;

     as I asked Him for salvation, while down on my knees.

No longer;

      bound by the chains of my past;

      the Lord directs my heart into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.

Now, if there is doubt or fear, I step out of the way;

     So that the Holy Spirit can make His appearance.

Walking this path that God has me on can be rocky and tall;

     But,  only when I take my eyes off of Him, will I stumble and fall.

I’m never alone now, shedding those silent tears;

     as the Holy Spirit within me is calming all of my false fears.

Therefore, in answer to the question, “How do I really know?”;

     God reassures me, as He gently whispers,

“ You ARE one of MY own”!



It was late afternoon when I sat there looking up at the clearing, patchy blue sky. I watched the remnants that were left by the previously passing storm.  Dark, thinning, smoke colored clouds faded into creamy white pulled cotton.


When the sun had freed itself from its prison, I was comforted by a cheerfully warm blanket on my skin. Suddenly, the refreshingly light and cool breeze that had been wafting over me became almost chokingly hot, while the sun gloried in its escape.


As if fighting against her own emotions; Mother-nature too, was warring within herself.  Pride, hurt, and anger battled with forgiveness, peace and contentment.


The lullaby of the sea waves that caressed the sandy, white beach had created a soothing affect that guided my troubled mind into a necessary relaxed state, as I finally let everything go.

Thank you Jesus for that rollercoaster day  filled with your

       Blessings and Grace.race.

All Poems were inspired by the Holy Spirit and Written by

Reverend Chaplain Mary Hewitt

The Chaplains Corner

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