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Chaplains Corner

Health and Wellness Awareness Segment

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Chief Warrant Officer II

Rev. Evangelist Mary C. Hewitt

BSN, B.Div., m.s.a., s.o.s.s.s.

International Chaplains Association of the Celtic Cross

Medical Outreach Operations Consultant / Advisor

Human Interests Correspondent

Celtic Cross Global PRESS Corps

Poetry, Inspiration, Healing & Hope

All Poems and stories were inspired by the Holy Spirit and Written by

Reverend Chaplain Mary Hewitt

The Chaplains Corner

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As I  sat on the beach watching the tide wash over the soft, sandy shoreline;  I pondered how blessed that I feel to have our Heavenly Father love me so much  that he came here to this, sometimes ugly, but always sinful, world in human form.  That precious son who’s name is Jesus Christ, went through more pain and hate than I have ever had to go through.  No more “pitty- parties” for this Daughter of God aka D.O.G.

Even though my life has had it’s fair share of extremely painful moments, nothing compares to the pain and suffering that Jesus suffered prior to his death on the cross.  Death,  which brings an open and standing invitation for everlasting LIFE???  WOW!

What an act of UNCONDITIONAL love!  Jesus conquered all of my sins through his obedience to God; as the ultimate blood sacrifice.  The only sacrifice I am asked to give is to answer “YES” when God calls to me.

YES, I believe that Jesus is your son; and YES, I believe that he died for my sins; and YES, I want the Holy Spirit to live within my heart, so that I can be forgiven and live a new life as a righteous child of God.  YES,  I LOVE YOU so much, because YOU LOVE ME!

How much love do you want?  I want it ALL and I am grateful to have it.  Any of you can too.   Just answer “YES” when Jesus knocks.


There is:

Only ONE

Who’s love is deeper and wider than the largest sea,

Only ONE

Who’s embrace is open further than any of our eyes can see.

Only ONE

Who has experienced and conquered every hurtful pain that anyone

has had to endure,

Only ONE

Who can be heard and found knocking at our heart’s door.

Only ONE

Who has suffered, died and triumphantly rose, so that the world could be,

Only ONE

Who can truly set us free and save you and me.

Only ONE

Who can cleanse us from the wreckage of our past,

Only ONE

Who will always be a Light unto our paths.

Only ONE

Who is God our Father and Christ Jesus his son; along with the

Holy Spirit, they are but as ONE.


Only ONE

Separated into Three so that our blind eyes can now see,



And I am forever grateful to have that Love live inside of me.

Our Father has been showering me with blessings and instruction, lately.  He knows how much I enjoy sharing  his wonderful love with others, so I have been blessed with being given the opportunity to be used as, one of his instruments, to be both a student and sharer of his word in my local church home; with him as our teacher.

My Sister in Christ Pam, and I  are the new,  Wednesday morning  Women's Bible Study guides/instructors.


The Holy Spirit put it on our hearts to work together, as God's  spiritual warriors and lead our small, but mighty, group in a 7 week lesson called The Armor of God. This in depth series is written and guided by Priscilla Shiver. She is a strong and knowledgeable spiritual warrior for God.


Leading young children in bible study as a  Sunday School teacher is way different than this challenge that I have been asking God for, for some time now.  I stated that I was a student, because God is instructing me, through reading the gospel with the eyes of my heart wide open and enabling me to use his wisdom for how to use his full armor in order to fight this spiritual battle that is waging on, around us all. So, as I teach others, God teaches me too.

Paul tells us in Ephesians what our spiritual gifts are, that God has blessed his faithful believers with and exactly how to use them.

The very first and most powerful gift that is given to us is Christ Jesus and the most powerful tool that we have to use in spiritual warfare is, prayer. I am excited to learn more and share what God is teaching me. I have no idea exactly where Father God is leading me through this study, but I am willing to go wherever he leads me and I will do whatever he wants me to do.

As a faithful follower, our purpose is to listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us and to take action;  go wherever and  do whatever God's will is for us, whenever he speaks to us.

All of you, Lord; none of me. Thank you for your Son, Jesus; the spiritual gifts of your armor and the wisdom of how to use your power in these spiritual battles.

In Jesus's holy name I pray. Amen

May God bless you and protect you, as you carry out his will for you in your lives. In Jesus's name, amen.

Your humble and grateful servant,

Rev.  Chaplin Sister Mary