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Feathered Quill Periodical

Page # 6

Sacred Order of Exorcists

~ Insights to the Supernatural ~

From the files of CCGPC Blogger and Columnist Sister Rita Strugala

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In Feb. 2016 I received a call from a young lady named Ann.

"Hi, I think I need your help. I live with my fiance' in his mothers house along with his sister and my fiance' is telling me I am doing things I have no memory of.

Yesterday I did the wash and hung up all of his clothes. Then last night

I took the freshly laundered clothes off the hangers and put them back in the washing machine.

Sean said "what are you doing?!"

He said my eyes were black when I turned to him and I said "I wonder what it would feel like if I put her arm in there when the machine is on the spin cycle..."

He said I got the biggest grin on my face and I have no memory of any of it."

I took notes while we talked. There were four people living in this home.

Sean's mom who is in her 50's, Sean's sister who is in her mid thirties, Sean who is 32 and Ann who is 31.

Ann had said she moved into the house with Sean's family a year ago.

Her fiance has lived there all his life. Both of them are scared of the closet in Sean's room,and apparently he had always had a fear of it when he was growing up.

Evan though he fears it, Sean talks to it.

Shadow men, he claimed, have come out of the closet. He's also seen black mists develop in several of the rooms.

Ann claimed a crucifix had flown off the bedroom wall and shattered, hitting Ann in the head just that morning.

There is banging on the walls and doors, at all hours of the day and night randomly, and voices constantly all over the house, though, the voices usually start up around 4:00 pm and goes all night long. I spoke to the team and we made plans to head to Irondale, AL on Feb. 28th, 2016 at 3:00 pm.

On Feb. 28th, 2016 we were on our way to Irondale, AL. to do the exorcism and house cleansing.

Colleen, my senior sensitive, met me at my house to ride down to Irondale with me.

As Colleen and I talked about various things, I remember sharing with her the following...

"Colleen, do you remember when we first started getting into all these really deep cases?

How we had about a year of cases where all we saw were the good things, the amazing things...

where we saw the actual stairway to Heaven? How we both saw the same Angel at the same time at the stables?

How we ended up with a Bishop on our team? All the cool things that finally made me say 'I get it Lord, you've got my back. I will do as you ask'.

God knows, I NEVER wanted to get into the darkest side of the paranormal.

I've spent my whole life staying as far from it as possible!"

"Remember how we talked about what we are seeing all the best now, and at some point we will be seeing all the worst? Then sure enough, it started happening... the cases got bad, and before long REAL bad... real, REAL BAD.

Jesus worked real hard for a year to show me, 'He had my back'... it took Him that long to convince me that the one thing I had stayed away from all my life, was the one thing He really wanted me to do... to fight the darkness." I shook my head.

Colleen looked at me.

"Oh yes! I remember it all very clearly! People would never believe the things we have seen."

"Shoot!" I said "I wouldn't either if I hadn't seen it!"

We were quiet for a couple moments before I said, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes I really miss that. I miss the blatant, in your face, 'See? I DO have your back!' I mean, I KNOW HE DOES, I just really miss the awe I felt when I would be filled with disbelief and wonder knowing there was no other explanation... you know?

I just sometime miss that renewal of faith or whatever you call it.

I don't know how else to explain it."

Colleen nodded. "Yeah, I know what you are saying."

Twenty minutes later we met up with Father Art, Father Billy & Rose in the back parking lot of a church, so we could take Holy Communion before entering the demons lair. I stepped outside my car and felt the sun on my face for the first time in four days. It was still kind of cool out, but the sun shinning made up for that. Rose's face looked slightly swollen and didn't look like she felt to good. She had just gotten back from her trip to Savannah, GA. but said there was no way she was missing this case.

Father Billy set up his portable alter on the tailgate of his truck and he and Fr. Art began Holy Communion.

I closed my eyes and listened to the gospel, the sun on my face felt so good.

While my eyes were closed I started to notice how the light behind my eyes was getting gradually brighter and gradually warmer... I was basking in it, it felt so good!!!

When the light got blindingly bright, I started to get uneasy... what was happening?!

All of a sudden, I saw Jesus HIMSELF standing right in front of me!

He reached His hand out to lay it on my head and startled, I stepped backwards and away from HIM!

In my mind I said to Him "NO! Don't touch me, I am unworthy!"

I realized, in horror what I had just done!

I did not take a step TOWARDS my Savior, I stepped AWAY from HIM!

Tears stung my eyes and slid silently down my cheeks and I hung my head in shame, as I couldn't stand to see the disappointment in His eyes.

As I stood there, to my amazement, He took another step towards me and with my head bowed, one of my tears fell onto His sandal-ed foot. I stood perfectly still, in anguish, that I had stepped back from Him instead of falling at His feet.

He gently put His hand on my head.

I felt the warmth of that touch, and I have never felt so loved and so unworthy of His love, but I could no longer say I was unworthy.

Who am I to argue with the Lord Jesus Christ?!?

He stepped to my side where Colleen was standing with eyes closed.

I opened my eyes and although I could no longer see Him, I could FEEL HIM. He was standing in front of Colleen now, I knew, because the tears were streaming down

her face as well.

I knew He was anointing all of us, and as I watched, I knew when He stood in front of Father Art, as the tears, started to slide down his cheeks.

After He anointed Rose, her face was no longer swollen and she felt much better!

We were all excited and amazed!

As I turned to say something to Colleen I realized I had just received what I asked for just 30 minutes prior. He not only showed me, yet again, He has my back, He showed me IN PERSON.

What more could I possibly ask for?

After Communion, we drove 3 miles and parked in front of the clients house. It was a little cool outside but still nice for a February day.

A young woman, whom I assumed to be Ann came out to greet us. I looked at her face and smiled, but everything within me told me to stay away from her, not to trust her for a moment, for it was not Ann I was meeting, it was the demon.

When I see a possessed person, I see their eyes go black briefly... Ann's eyes went black and stayed black.

I knew there were way more than one in her.

I stepped forward and shook her hand. "Hello Ann, I'm Rita, nice to meet you."

I introduced everyone and we headed inside.

Colleen was picking up on a portal at the end of the house, in the front yard and it eclipsed the back half of the house.

Ann was going on about the things that had been happening in the house.

As we stepped inside, the first thing that struck me was the smell.... and the fly’... in February.

The house was dark and not kept, as we stepped into Sean's bedroom. It was oppressive and very hard to walk through with all the clothes and things all over the floor. It was piled up two feet off the floor. It smelled like unwashed bodies.

After taking photos and noting where the spirits were in this room, we went into the kitchen/dining room area. It amazed me that people could live this way, day in and day out. There were dirty dishes piled into the sink with stuck on food.

They went all the way down the counter tops and were also on top of the stove.

Fruit flies were everywhere.

"Well, at least I know the source of the flies." I thought to myself.

I had no idea, but I had seen nothing yet.

We toured each room, each one worse than the last. The only two rooms that were relatively free of all the trash was the living room, and the mothers room all the way down the hall. As we headed down the hallway to view the sisters room, Sean turned to us and said "You can't go into my sisters room. She is in there and she won't come out."

The stench was horrible coming from that room, but it was the site that greeted my

eyes I just couldn't get over. Looking down the hall towards the sisters room, the door frame was actually pushed into the hallway from the trash spilling out of her room! Father Art addressed Sean. "If there is anywhere in this house we can not go, we will leave now. When we do the cleansing we have to cleanse every room, because it will go to the one room we are not allowed to cleanse, and it will defeat the purpose of this visit. "

Sean shook his head.

"I understand, but she won't come out of the room. She's been like this for years.

I've cleaned out her room before but it is soon back to this."

We drove over two hours to come help these people and we weren’t leaving until we finished this job. Colleen was ticked off. She went down the hall, climbed over the pile of trash that was literally five feet off the floor and ordered the woman out of the room. I was taking pictures and still couldn't believe my eyes! The pile of trash started out in the hallway, and piled up high into the woman's room and all the way over to the bed. I looked at the trash and smelled the stench and had to hold my breath. There were used depends diapers, half eaten food and bottles of half drunk drinks.

I turned to Sean. "She needs help Sean, she is not right in her mind to live like this." Sean nodded. "Yeah I know, but she's a teacher and says she has no time to go see some shrink." I knew she had a demon, just as Sean and Ann has, but I knew there was no way this woman would consent to an exorcism. We'd be lucky just to get her out of this room.

"Look, maybe you don't want our help" Colleen told the woman. "But we were called here to help the others, so you need to leave this room long enough for us to do a cleansing. " With that, Colleen stepped through the four feet of trash and came out of the room. Directly across the hall was the mothers room.

We went in and I was surprised to see her in there. "Oh! Hello..." I said. Her room was neat and orderly and comfortable.

I could not understand how she could condone what went on in the rest of this house!

After the walk through, we went out of the house and walked the grounds.

"The portal is over the whole back half of this house. That's part of why the sister stays in this filth." Colleen said.

I nodded. "Yes. " I looked at my notes from prior conversations with Ann.

"The sister is actually a kindergarten teacher. I can't believe she holds down a job teaching kids, Sean say's she goes to work and just comes home and lays in that filth till it's time to go to work again.

She seriously needs some help."

We all took our places in the yard to start closing the portal. I glanced over at the driveway when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. As cold as it was that day (in the mid 40's) we saw Sean's sister leave the house in nothing but a tee-shirt and wearing Depends adult diaper. No pants. No shoes. No coat or sweat shirt. She got into her car in the driveway and stayed there, glaring at us.

"Come on, lets close this portal and get the house cleansed. We still have a lot of work to do."

After the portal was closed, we headed back inside with my cleanse kit and Holy water. We started at one end of the house and cleansed to the other, pushing all the negative spirits out. Then we set up an area in the living room to do the two exorcisms. We had enough people with us to hold Ann down if need be, so I didn't bother with the restraints. Father Art sat in front of Ann and explained the procedure to her. I shook my head as I knew she was already in possessed mode, and a sly smile split her face. Her eyes as black as pitch. I laughed to myself, knowing how much Father Billy hated to see a demon smirk. "If I were you demon, I wouldn't smirk." I stated. I saw a huge smile on Father Billy's face as he got ready to restrain Ann from behind the chair.

Father Art studied Ann as she sat right in front of him, and then started the ritual.

He began to quietly speak in tongues and anointed Ann's head with oil. "Lucifer and all your company in there, I command you to come out in the name of Jesus Christ. You haven't been in her that long, so you are not as entrenched as others, come out of Ann right now in the name of Jesus Christ. You were defeated 2000 years ago and you are defeated now, come on out of her in the name of Jesus Christ."

The demon looked out of Ann's eyes and a sly smirk graced her lips... but just for a moment. Father Art picked up the Holy water and slung it at her in the sign of the cross and the demon recoiled and screamed. The smirk quickly leaving her face.

Both Father Billy and Father Art worked on the demons through the name of Jesus Christ. Several smaller demons left without much of a fight, but the bigger ones dug in for the fight. Again the demon began to smirk and again it was hit with holy water and screamed. After a few moments, the demon changed tactics and started laughing.

I glanced up to see how Ann's boyfriend Sean was taking all this. He stood solemnly away from us, his eyes black and I knew his demons were about to add into the fray, but for right now, he was holding them back.

I glanced back to Ann as the demon smirked and laughed. "Oh Seannnnn....." The demon drew out his name "I've got your brotherrrrr..." it said in a sing song voice.

How very cruel I thought. "Don't listen to her Sean, the devil is the Father of lies and deceit." I glanced at his stricken face. He said nothing but I could tell he heard her. Ann started to cry and winced in pain. Father Art and Father Billy kept wearing the demon down and commanding it out in Jesus Holy name.

"Ann, I know you can hear me..." I said.

"You have dominion over your body, they don't. Cast it out. All you have to say is 'I CAST YOU OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST'. Say it."

Ann opened her mouth and tried..." I...I... ca... ca...c.... cast.... y...." and she started choking and couldn't get any air. After a moment, it stopped choking her.

"Come on Ann" I encouraged.

"You can do this! Say it! 'I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ'... you can do this!"

Ann started again. "I.... " and her mouth just remained open, nothing more was coming out. Father Art took that opportunity to squeeze Holy Water into her mouth. The demon spit it back at him immediately. Ann tried again.

"I... I... cas...cast..." and it began to choke her again. "Come on Ann, you can do this!" I encouraged. "Keep trying!"

"I ... cast... I... cast... y.... "

"Keep trying!" I urged, while Father Art and Billy kept exorcising the demons.

"I... ca... cast.... "

"Come on, you can do this Ann! In the name of Jesus!"

"I… o...of.... J....J...J..." and the demon grabbed hold of her throat.

More holy water was slung and the demon recoiled, and in that instant, Ann said "J...J...Jesus!"

I was proud of her for finally being able to say it! "Again Ann!" I encouraged. "I cast you out in the name of Jesus!"

Then the demon twisted in the chair and glared right at me. "In the name of Jesus Christ, you have been defeated demon, she has cast you out in His precious name and you must go to the foot of the cross NOW."

The demon looked at me with such hatred, and then Ann's head fell to the side and she was out. It wasn't long and Ann came to again. Suddenly, Ann's head came back up and a malevolent sneer on her face.

Her eyes were black and beady looking, this defiantly was NOT Ann.

This demon drew back her head and fixed it's stare on Father Art. I knew it was completely different than the other ones we'd dealt with earlier. "Get ready to grab her guys..." I warned. "Here we go!"

Ann weighed all of 100 lbs soaking wet and with five of us holding her back, she still leaned into Father Art. He hit her with Holy water and the demon recoiled from it, and the Rite began in earnest. The demon hissed and growled and turned Ann's head 30 degree's to stare at Rose. "You don't scare me!" Rose told the demon. "I CAST YOU OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" The demon stared at her.

Father Art took that moment to put the sign of the cross on Ann's forehead in Holy Oil. The demon screamed in pain.

I have a blessed Rosary, blessed by 3 different Popes. I put it to her forehead and she writhed in pain, and just after, Ann seemed to go unconscious as that demon left. This time, when she came back... it was another demon... this one much more talkative than the others.

"Sean..... Sean...." Ann called out, turning her head to the back of the room where Sean stood slumped against the wall. "I have your brother in here".

"No you don't you liar." I said.

The demon just laughed. "Sean... I have...*giggle* I have your brother..." insane laughter followed. They obviously knew what would hurt Sean the most.

She opened her mouth to say more and Father Art squirted a bunch of Holy Water in and it came spewing right back out.

The evil grin came again to her lips.

Father Art again hit her with the Holy Water and again it recoiled like a snake.

Her face and hands contorted in misery and pain.

Again and again it was commanded out in Jesus name, to come forth out of her.

"Please..." Ann spoke in a tormented voice. "Please help me, please... please help me..."

But the voice was not that of Ann.

Ann tried again to say 'I cast you out in the name of Jesus', but could not get the name of Jesus out. She then passed out again. She came to as Father Art hit her again with Holy Water.

I just happened to glance up and saw Sean right behind Colleen, his eyes black and I knew his demons were about to come after us now too.

I alerted Colleen and Father Billy. Father Billy turned around and started commanding his demon out. Rose went behind Sean to assist Father Billy.

They wrestled with his demon for a while and then Sean sat down and Billy and Rose returned back to work on Ann.

"She's MINE". The demon hissed.

"Not anymore she's not, she's a child of God." I said. "But... she's got what I need!" the demon replied. "I hate it for ya." I quipped. "Have you felt her here? " The demon asked. "Have you felt her?"

I just stared at the demon, refusing to give it what it wanted. The demon laughed. "She has everything I need..."

"And you can't have her..." I replied. "Sucks to be you."

"Do you know who she is?" The demon asked. "Do you know who Jesus is?" I countered. "I don't CARE!" The demon hissed. "Exactly, I don't care who SHE is." I said. The demon spoke again.

"I just know I NEED HER."

I'd had about enough of this demon.

"Can you see Jesus demon? Cause He is here, as we speak, and He defeated you 2000 years ago with His birth! He defeated you as He walked the shores of Galilee... He defeated you when he walked on water and He defeated you when He died on the cross to save us all! You are a defeated entity! Go to the foot of His cross and you will be subject to HIS will! " The demon laughed. "Screw Jesus."

That brought on a very painful shower of Holy Water from both Father Art and Father Billy. "Do you want to know her name?" The demon asked. "Her first name? or the one I call her" No one answered the demon, and it just continued on. "Do you know she is special?" I scoffed. "Of course she is special, every child of God is special to Him." The demon swung around to look at me. "No sweetie..." I cut the demon off.

"I am not your sweetie demon, far from it."

"She's real." the demon tried again. " I WANT HER!"

Father Art had enough.


"I've gotta have her!" The demon pleaded.

I shook my head at the demon.

"Well you won't get her. I promise you that in the name of Jesus, as I claim Ann for the Kingdom of God, demon!"

The demon hissed.

"With her I can conquer ALL!"

"What part of ‘you can't have her' didn't you get?" I asked the demon.

"GOD LOVES ANN and it is eating you up demon because YOU CAN'T HAVE HER. God loves Ann, he doesn't love YOU."

The demon looked at me with hate filled eyes. "Screw your God!

I WANT HER! I WILL have her! She has what I need!"

Father Art turned her face back to him.

"You won't have her demon."

The demon turned back to me growling and hissing.

"Whatever." I said, hitting her with holy water again.

Several hours went by tormenting demons and making them go to the cross.

When finally the last demon left, Ann sat there soaked in Holy water and staring at her hands in wonder.

"I feel light as a feather!" Ann exclaimed.

She turned her hand over to look at the palm, then back over and made a fluttering motion. I feel like I could fly I'm so light!"

I smiled. This was always the best part of any exorcism. The look of wonder on their faces when they realize they are finally free, in Jesus name.

Father Billy prayed over Ann.

"Father God, I ask you to fill Ann with your Holy Spirit, so when demons come around there will be no room in the inn."

After that we collected our things and wished them all well. Last time I spoke with Ann she said everything was great now, and was very appreciative.

We counseled them on getting a spiritual relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and so far they seem to be doing fine.

So we successfully claimed another soul for the Kingdom of God.

Praise our Lord God above, another battle fought and won.

Sister Rita Strugala


Southern Paranormal Research Society - AL. Division

Lead Exorcist Investigator & Assessment Team -

The Confraternity of Saint Michael the Archangel -

Order of Exorcists (Exorcists/Prayer and Spiritual Warfare)

Lead Exorcist Investigator & Assessment Team -

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry -

The Sacred Order of Exorcists

And, Awarded Blogger of the Year 2015

Celtic Cross Global PRESS Corps