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Page # 6

By; CCGPC Contributor Sister Linda A. Kreeger

with the St. Scholastica Sisterhood - Order of St. Mary Magdalene

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Christianity has outlines of procedures and methodology for solving problems, but also provides the go-power to get solutions into working order. You name the problems and practical Christianity has the answer for it. No matter how bad, difficult or complicated the problem, there is always an answer. This applies to individual and social problems alike.

All Churches and people who claimed to believe in and love God should welcome everyone no matter what their economic condition, social position or color is in this world. It is a blaspheme to keep someone away from the teachings of Christ. Jesus said in the Gospel of John Ch. 13, Ver. 34; “I am giving you a new command. You must love each other, just as I have loved you.” This sounds very idealistic, but it’s utterly piratical. This truth really works and I know this from my own experience. I let my actions show more of Christ’s love than my words. However, words can make a difference if short but sincere, and given with true love as in Christ, in us manifested.

Thank you for this blessing of your time, to come and read this message of Love and Gods Power. May our Lord Jesus Christ watch over you and bless you until next time.

Sincerely and prayerfully your Sister in Christ Jesus.

Sister Linda A Kreeger

Christianity and Gods Power

 Sister Linda A. Kreeger



Saints Faith, Hope and Charity, s.o.s.s.s.

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