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In the Wake of the Templar Knights

By; Sir Rosario Delgado NAtK

I was asked to write a small colum about The Templar Knights.  After watching 5 documentaries and visiting numerous sites, I have learned that a French Knight named Hugues de Payens started an Order of Knights to protect Pilgrams on thier travels to and from Jerusalem.  This Military Order was called "The Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon," and today we know them as "The Knights Templar" or Templar Knights.  They were Warriors, but also Monks.  They had to take vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obediance; learn to fight; but they also had to Pray for a couple of hours every day.  

In 1119 the knights were sanctioned by the church/Pope.  This is when Donations of money and Bequeathments of lands from wills started to fund the Templars.  Soon after Templars built Castles along a route that lead to Jerusalem, and at each castle, travelers could deposit or withdraw funds needed for thier journey.  Such wealth did not go un-noticed.

In 1285 Philip the IV became King of France.  Not only did he take over the Kingdom, but also the Debt of the Kingdom.  Over the coming years, he would request loans from the Templars, Jewish organisations, and other banking institutions.  Sometime after the turn of the year 1300, the Templars refused to loan Philip any more funds.  It is believed this is when Philip started planning the downfall of the Templars.

A renegade member of the Order, Templars, was named Esquin de Floryan.  Supposedly, he is the bassis for the rumors that during the initiation into the Templars that prospective Templars had to: Spit on the Cross; Denounce Jesus as just a Man and NOT the son of God; kiss body parts of Ranking Templars; and have homosexual relations with other Templars only.  These rumors where all that Philip needed to start his take over of the Templars and thier enormous wealth.

Philip sent word to the Pope of all the "Charges of Heresy" against the Templars.  He also requested that ALL of thier property and wealth be given to the Kingdom of France, seeing how 80% of the Templars property was in France.  The Pope's reply was that the Church would conduct the investigation into his allogations against the Templars.  The Pope could NOT exonerate the Templars from all the accuations, so instead had them confess thier sins and  Rededicate themselves to God.  This obsolved the Templas and they were able to continue with thier mission.

Philip was a coniving man and issued a threat to have All the Cardinals in France form a French Papalcy if the Templars were not disolved.  The Pope, not wanting a split in the church, had to give in to Philip.  Philip had SEALED orders sent a month in advance to his military leaders all over France.  These sealed orders were to be opened on Oct 13, 1307.  This was a Friday.  Hence, Friday the 13 is an unlucky day.

The orders were to kill the lesser Templars, arrest the leading members, and confiscate all land, property, wealth, and send all to Philip.  It is through torture that the Templars confessed to all kinds of depravities.  However when the coffers, that were suppose to hold money and jewels equal to more than all of Englands wealth, were opened, they were EMPTY.  No gold.  No jewels.  No letters of Property.  Nothing.

Friar Rosario R. Delgado

Chaplain Chief Warrant Officer II


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