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Feathered Quill Periodical

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Diocesan Designate

Archdioceses and Dioceses News and updates from around the Globe

By; CCGPC Senior Editor and Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

Archdioceses of the Holy Trinity

United States of America

On March 17th, 2017 the Feast day of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of our Celtic Cross Old Catholic Templar Church, our beloved Monsignor Benito P. Sagra + will be official mandated to the elevation of Bishop Elect within the Church and Archdioceses.

He has been working hard and growing the church and ministry base in Southern California around Laguna Woods. Expanding the church with a weekly Internet Radio Celtic Mass and providing catechism via Internet Radio as well.  He and his wife Sr. Marley provide home health care services which gives him a wonderful opportunity to minister and do the Lord’s compassionate work through care giving, counseling and prayer services.

He is an active member with the Sacred Order of Exorcists and recently preformed a successful exorcism and house blessing for a client and concerned friend.

He is also the Director of our Celtic Worship and Rubrics Department and the Dean of Celtic Worship and Rubrics for all Seminaries.

He is installed as the new Northwestern and Southwestern Diocesan Bishop to the Archdioceses of the Holy Trinity, United States of America. Assisting in growing the clergy, seminary and church base throughout the western United States of America.

Bishop Elect +Benito P. Sagra

Dioceses of the St. Ivo


Dioceses of Saint Lucia

St. Lucia Island and the Caribbean Basin

Archdiocese of the Soviet Union and Russia

Moscow and Central Siberia

Archdioceses of Great Britain

United Kingdom and the European Union

Overseer ++Ian Gaylard’s archdioceses has been working on our ongoing efforts to bring relief to the refugees and suffering in many parts of the African Continent. Working closely with contacts in the areas so to have accurate information to the specific needs of the parties involved.

Much is needed in this part of the world but dedication, eyes and ears are a major asset as we move forward in trying to find avenues of relief for those that are without hope, lost and seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. However, not in the case here with the CCFM and the Archdioceses of Great Britain.

They are doing very thing humanly possible to save life through the act of unselfish Christian compassion. Even when everything seems to be going against them, they somehow have made a difference in peoples lives there. Which as you know goes a long way to influencing people and changing hearts and minds.

Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and now the South Sudanese refugee situation is growing at an astonishing rate. Poor living conditions, sanitation issues, little food, poor water, medical supplies shortages just to name a few of the major issues facing the embodied refugees and those lost in captivity.

There are many security and safety issues with thefts, robberies, mobs and gang violence running ramped, kidnappings and murders daily happing. Women and young children taken into slavery. Adolescent boys and young teenagers swept up by gangs and forced to follow and fight, rob, steal and kill others.  It’s an issue everyone should be concerned with.

The way we see it, if we can help them where they are then we won’t have to put time money and effort into mass relocation into further evacuations of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of innocent hurting people trying to survive who really do not want to leave their own country, but are being forced to flee for their lives. Because their lives are depending on it with nothing but what they can carry. And there is evil, taking even that away from them and killing, raping and exploiting people just to get.

We as a Church and as Christians are involved and doing all we can. It may not seem like much and there are always setbacks. When was it ever easy doing battle with evil and taking on difficulties that were bigger than oneself. That doesn’t stop a good man or a good group of men and women from doing our Lord’s work as He has called them to do. For nothing is impossible with God. And so, Ovr. ++Gaylard and his Missionary Brothers do what they can where they can.

In the famous words of Sir Edmund Burke  - “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” So, Ovr. ++Ian and the Missionaries are  GOOD MEN, doing something !

Praise be to God and the people they are serving.

If you would like to contribute you may do so by donating to Operation Burundi

Or get a vital resource for your church operation and security for your support of our efforts.

Guidance for the Protection of Places of Worship

By Counter Anti-Terrorism and Security Expert

David Otto

Email your request to

Overseer ++Ian Gaylard

( )

Dioceses of the Celtic Cross Ever Tribes Missionary of Saint Teresa of Calcutta


Information being complied for the next issue

of the

Celtic Town Crier and here in the Feathered Quill Periodical.

Information being complied for the next issue

of the

Celtic Town Crier and here in the Feathered Quill Periodical.

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The missionary dioceses under the governance of Presbyter Paul K. Singh+ performs work in some of the most remote villages in India, spreading the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ to all he meets. His duties go far beyond the normal abilities as many in ministry and those with church congregations have to support them. Working with little more than the sweat and dedication of doing the Lord’s work day in and day out, he manages to give and provide the very basic of love, blessings and spiritual care any pastor can show and give to another with his limited means.

However, that has not stopper Pbr. Paul+ from performing services, baptisms, communion, convalescent and Chaplaincy care at local hospitals and clinics along with performing funeral rites when asked. He even has managed to take on and start up a Seminary program to educate young Christian men and women to answer the calling of Christ to minister.

This past season he initiated the Celtic Cross C.E.T.I. Bible College in the community of West (Paschim) Medinipur, West Bengal India. In doing so they has enrolled over thirty students and a number of faculty. We are proud to list their students in attendance and staff here in this notice. Giving them and Pbr. Paul Singh+ a hardy congratulation and a job well done for the Kingdom and Glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in India.

C.E.T.I. Celtic Cross Institute of Magisterium (In-House Bible College)

C.E.T.I. Celtic Cross Seminary of Theology (On-Line Ministerial Studies)  








Staff and Falculty





Our Dioceses of St. Ivo and the Missionary Celtic Cross Templar Order of the Miracle and Hope Foundation, Pakistan have been very busy and active theses past months. Under the auspice leadership and spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit and Episkopos +Kashif Alexander has worked with his Clergy and Lay personal to grow the clerical base of the Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross in Lahore, Pakistan and the surrounding region.

The Celtic Cross Meerkats youth group and Bible study program is growing as well as new congregants being lead to Christ through the teaching of the Gospel by his Clergy in all regions. Yet, this is not enough of a calling, Eps. +Kashif initiated a new in house Seminary program as well. Though modest with about ten students, including some being clergy continuing their education, it is a wonderful blessing and addition to the Church program in Pakistan. I as the Patriarch, sat in via Skype one day and did an orientation and brief lecture on the importance of Church History, which was the subject they were studying.

So you all know, one of the primary missions of the CCM Inc. and it’s Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries is the spiritual empowerment of women. That is to help them to bring not only Christ back into their lives but to make Him the center of the family once again. Women must play and, are a key roll for this philosophy to take place. It has been and will be one of our main focal points and issues of the church for decades to come.

Just recently Eps. +Kashif and his wife, Deacon Shama Kashif and Deacon Shamalia Sohail started an eight week workshop for women called the, “Divine Beauty & Peace Workshop”. In this workshop they will be looking at and discussing the biblical aspects of empowering women to be strong and faithful in Christ in their lives and walk.

They are learning to overcome the powerlessness and finding the divine beauty within to help every woman and girl to become spiritually strong as God intended them to be. This seminar is being hosted in Pakistan, Nigeria and Uganda. The seminar runs from March 11th through April 29th, 2017 for more information email

Eps. +Kashif at his Ministry Email address: .  

Another thing that makes the Celtic Cross Templar Knights Order of the Miracle and Hope Foundation, Pakistan so unique and special, is at their core. They are a group of dedicate law professionals and attorneys working with the High Court in Pakistan primarily for the sake of one type of cause. That cause being the standing up and defending the rights of persecuted Christians in this predominantly Muslim nation. Through the years their work has advocated for the legal defense and rights of victims and their families who have fallen to the unjust heresy of discrimination on the lines of faith, religious differences and intolerance. All the while standing firm on the principles of the Holy Scriptures and teachings of Christ.

It was recently brought to my attention that


St. Patrick was never canonized.

This oversight is not acceptable by this Old Catholic, Protestant

Celtic Templar Rite of Churches and Ministries worldwide.

In an article posted by the Irish Central they state the following.


St. Patrick was never canonized a saint by the Catholic Church

The sad news is that St. Patrick never got the official title. Yes! You heard us right!

While millions around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day every March 17, the sad fact is that Patrick has never been canonized by the Catholic Church and is a saint in name only.

As writer Ken Concannon stated: "There was no formal canonization process in the Church during its first millennium. In the early years of the Church the title saint was bestowed first upon martyrs, and then upon individuals recognized by tradition as being exceptionally holy during their lifetimes.

“Consequently these Irish saints, including St. Patrick, were never actually formally canonized -- save one. The exception was Fergal, also known as St. Virgil of Salzburg, an 8th-century missionary scholar who was officially canonized in 1233 by Pope Gregory IX.

Virgil is one of only four Irish saints to be canonized by Rome.

Read more: The full story of St. Patrick's life, from his kidnapping to the Irish people's faith

“There was no formal process for canonization in place when Patrick died. He was proclaimed a saint by popular acclaim, probably with the approval of a bishop.

The official process for canonization did not come until about the 12th century."

Patrick was actually the grandson of a priest back when marriage for clerics was not frowned upon.

His genius was bringing together the old pagan traditions and the new religion

 together in harmony in Ireland in the 5th century.

Patrick was the first major figure to reject slavery and for that alone he deserves proper canonization.

By; IrishCentral Staff

This being the case and being unacceptable, I will have our Church look into our own Canonization Processes and correct this error of our Roman Church Brothers. We all make mistakes, now is the time to learn from them and make them right. They have had more than enough time to correct it and make it official.

So with St. Brendan, St. Patrick, and St. Brigid all having major rolls as Patron, Holy and Sacred Orders with our Church we will find our way to make it so. As well as other Saints in the future.

We will keep you all apprized as to our progress on this matter.

Sincerely HIS and yours,

Patriarch +++Andrew Moses, Brendan Patrick

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