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Here you will see many of our past media display banners on display as a slide show

As well as pictures sent to us of our Ministry efforts from around the world


These are some of our

Media Display Banners

which have been shown

on Adds,


and Campaigns

throughout the


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Ministry workers, and


efforts and some of the work they have done

around the world.

Clergy and Templar’s

Working in our Lord’s vineyard

and their achievements.

CCTK Ireland

Priory of Ireland - Tipperary County Ireland

Knights Commander Sir Lord Terence Barry

Baron of Liscreagh

CCTK Pakistan

Ephemeral Knights Commander

Priory of Lahore, Pakistan

Priory Chaplain Chancellor Bishop

H.G. Bishop  +Kashif Alexander

Missionary Dioceses

Bansbani, Keshiarj, West Paschim Medinipur, India

Presbyter Paul K. Singh+

to the Protestant Celtic Templar Rite

of the Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross

Patriarchal Archdiocese

of the

United States of America

Archdioceses of the Holy Trinity

H.E. I Patriarch

Archbishop ++Benito P. Sagra





That are

looking out

for you

and offer


that can help

while also

provide comfort


peace of mind


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