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All part of our Christian Warrior Network and Commitment to Inform and Educate.

Celtic Cross Radio Network Archive

Celtic Cross Radio Network from 2013 - Present


1.) Celtic Cross Radio Network Studio A and or Studio B Site Pages.

     Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross - Celtic Cross Radio Network - Studio A - Protestant Radio Network

     Canonical Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross - Celtic Cross Radio Network - Studio B - Catholic Radio Network



Celtic Cross Radio Network Archive

Archived Broadcasts from 2009 - 2011

Celtic Cross Radio

Archived Broadcasts from 2011 - 2013

Celtic Cross Radio Ministry


Archived Broadcasts for 2015

Old Studio B Catholic Radio Network

And our Newest Member to the Celtic Cross Radio Network

“Christians Refuge Network”

Christians Refuge Radio Network

CCRN is an Internet based Radio Podcasting Broadcast Station in association with the organization of Blog Talk Radio. We started broadcasting in 2009 with then, Celtic Cross Ministry Radio. We later grew to become Celtic Cross Radio Ministry and now because of our growth again we have grown up (so to speak) to our new broadcasting format known as the Celtic Cross Radio Network, incorporating all we have done and learned over the years to produce episodes that are informative and inspirational to the most devout Christian or to anyone, anywhere who may not know or understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.

2.) Celtic Cross TV Network

CCTV broadcasting started, via video in 2010. We produced worship videos for our Internet Based Congregation throughout the far reaches of the globe. Then on June 7th, 2015 we took a bold leap of faith with our ministry and church plantings as independent of any and all affiliation. Yet we remain in a united, spiritual and cooperative communion with many Protestant and Catholic faiths. We now broadcast our videos under the name of the myCCTVnetwork.

3.) Christian Warrior Network Forum

The CWN Forum was started in 2013 and has been re-established a few times while going through our ministry growing pains. And it soon will be available once again for folks like you to join and be apart of the topics being discussed or even start you own thread. This program only works when you get involved. So sign up when it becomes available. It is FREE and eventually we hope that conversations and topics will be far reaching and helping others to grow as better people and stronger members of Christ’s family. Remember, you are who you associate with. Good, Bad or Indifferent.

4.) Celtic Cross Guardian Gazette

This is our FREE DAILY National, International and Christian News Publication. We started the Internet based Newspaper in 2012 with many folks subscribing to it and receiving it daily in their email boxes. The news as we like to say, “you won’t get in your home town paper”. With reports from the Guardian News out of Great Britain to the US of A’s, National News Reports from USA Today along with News reports from the Christian Broadcasting Network, better known as CBN. So make sure to get your FREE SUBSCRIPTION TODAY !!! (Just click the Hyperlink)…

5.) Celtic Cross Ministry Blog

Where truly the Pen is mightier then the sword. There all sorts of information and topics for one to immerse themselves in. From a political to spiritual. Everything from A to Z. And as new Contributors, Columnists, Writers and Bloggers come along, we’ll be happy to post even more from the “BLOGASPHER”!

6.) The Feathered Quill Periodical

With this being our newest venture, we are intending to produce a quarterly Internet News Letter publication. As we get Journalists, Reporters and Writers together to help make this publication a reality. In this media format we will have all sorts of information about what is happening in the ministry world wide along with announcements of up coming programs, information and going on’s.

7.) Social Media Links

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