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Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated


Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated

is a unique spiritual institution and organization, in that it has the divisions of two Church Plantings.

Unheard of by any other denomination, it is what makes the Celtic Templar Rite so special

and inspired by our Lord and Savior. What the Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. has done is unite

under one Church Rite, two individual Christian Faiths and Beliefs.

Brining the Old Catholic and the Protestant Churches together as One Body in Christ.

In as much, our Celtic Cross Old Catholic Templar Church and our Celtic Cross Evangelical Templar Church

stand united in the belief and canons that are the bases for governance and doctrinal theology. Though they remain independent as to the way the mass or worship service is celebrated, they hold fast on the Holy Scriptures that bind the Body of Christ. Which is it’s definitive factor in all teachings and preaching's to the Lord’s Flock.

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

is unique as well, in that it to is a spiritual institution and organization, made up of many divisions and departments.

The CCFM has at this point in time, seven divisions and within those are several departments and programs.

All of which have the task of insuring that the Church (whether Old Catholic Templar Rite or Evangelical Templar Rite), have an opportunity to include any or all of the Divisional causes into their respective communities. And entrusted with the spread and nurturing of the word and ways of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, his Son to all peoples of the world.


Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry