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Celtic Cross

Seminary of Theology

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Faculty and Staff

of the

Seminary and Institute Programs


Celtic Cross

Institute of Magisterium

~ In house ~  

Very Rev. Doctor

Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

o.s.a., o.s.p., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b., h.o.c.c.

Seminary Chancellor


available through the

C.C.S.Th. and the C.C.I.M.

Church History

Introduction to Canon Law

Introduction to Philosophy

Moral Theology

Dogmatic Theology

Liturgical Studies


Introduction to Pastoral Theology

Foundations of Faith

Bible Basic’s (Old Testament)

Bible Basic’s (New Testament)

Strategies for Spiritual Harvest

Developing a Biblical World View

Biblical Management Principles


Spiritual Strategies

Intercessory Prayer

Training Manual for Jail and Prison Ministry

Training Manual for Spiritual Warfare

A Manual for Teaching Tactics

Accessory Prayer Manual

Biblical Strategies for Confronting Crisis

Biblical Finance Strategies

A Guide to Altar Calls

Elective Course Study

Discussions on Paranormal and Exorcists Studies

Lecture on proper use of Social Media from the Church and Ministry Stand Point

Internet Safety, Internet Security and Self Monitoring of PC Maintenance Software

Website Design - Domain Name Usage and Hosting

Official Ministerial Mandate


Educational Programs

of the

Celtic Cross Institute of Magisterium

Celtic Cross Seminary of Theology

and the

Worldwide Ecumenical Accreditation Network


Effective as of

July 18th, 2015

Courses of the Ministry Academic Programs

are no longer available to the general public.

Instead, they are available to current clergy at all levels

and also for new members of this ministries clergy only, and at No Charge.

This is part of our commitment to assist and aid our Clergy

to better serve the public, the congregations and parishes they serve.

All in-coming clergy to the ministry from this date forward,

are required to take a minimum of,

Three Courses and One Elective Program Study

Unless verified proof of Accrediting Seminary or Collegiate Academia

can be verified upon acceptance to the ministry.

“There will be no ordination or consecrations performed

until minimum requirements are satisfactorily completed”.

W.E.A.N. Member Institutions

 wishing to add any of these courses to their programs,

will be made available upon

request and verification that the facility is in good standing with the program requirements, and that the adherence to your membership dues are up to date.

By Official Mandate of the Presiding Bishop and Patriarch of the

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the Celtic Rite of Churches and Ministries.

Electronically Signed and Episcopal Coat of Arms affixed.

The Very Reverend Doctor

Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

c.c.f.m., o.s.a., o.s.p., m.s.a., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b

Courses Provided are of the C.C.F.M.


Harvest Time Ministry Educational Program

Reverend Doctor

Archdeacon Gary k. Taylor++

D.D., M.Div., M.A., B.Div.

o.s.a., m.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Evangelical Religious Vicar

Right Rev. Doctor

Bishop +Kashif Alexander

D.Div., D.Min., M.A., B.A., L.L.B., C.I.T.

o.s.a., m.s.i., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Dean of the Celtic Cross Seminary and W.E.A.N

In Pakistan

Right Reverend

Bishop +Benito P. Sagra

B.Ph., B.Th.

o.s.p., m.s.j.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Dean of Celtic Worship and Rubrics


Old Catholic Religious Vicar


Assistant Administrations Director

Chaplain - Colonel

Sister Sherie J. Mecier

D.D., D.Th.

i.c.a.c.c., s.o.s.s.s.



Church History, Pastoral and Dogmatic Theology


Jason W. Crowder+


s.o.e., c.c.t.k.

Administrative Assistant Ordinations Div.


Seminary of Academia Departmental Assistant

Most Rev. Doctor

Archbishop ++David S. Murphy

D.D., D.M., Ph.D., M.B.A., B.A., CPA, CFS.

o.s.p., m.s.b., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Dean of Seminary Academia