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Operation Burundi

“Mission of Peace and Stability”

Oibríocht Bhurúin - Misean na Síochána agus Cobhsaíochta


Plight of Burundi

Burundi the Country

Culture in Burundi

Civil Unrest in Burundi

Refugee Crises in Burundi and neighboring countries


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Every dollar counts and will aid hundreds and even thousands of Burundians.

Thank you and God Bless You.

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6.) Getting it Right:

Protection of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

Shedding Light

Unbiased Facts

In showing our support for the dedicated work done by the field agents and reporters of,

Refugees International

We here at the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry of Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., want you to know why it is so vital to get your support and involvement on behalf of these refuges's of Burundi

and the surrounding regions and Countries.

Below you will find PDF Field Reports that will help you understand why we have chosen to get involved and made it a priority as a Christian Foundation and Church.

We feel it is what Christ would want for all of His followers to get involved in.

Supporting in helping to bring peace and stability to this region of His kingdom.

You will read first hand reports and recommendations, needed to help fix this plight

these poor children of God are facing every day and without much hope or help from the world community.

This is why we have been working so hard to get you involved and help us in supporting to bring much needed aid and resources to these suffering people. All who have done nothing, but flee oppression and death. Only to suffer it at the hands of strangers as in many reported cases as they seek safety. And yet, for some lucky few, there is still the struggle to survive day to day.

That is just for the basics of fresh food, clean water, clean, dry and safe sheltered living conditions, medical aid and attention, proper schooling for the little ones, Clergy needed with supplies of Bibles and other day to day essentials like toiletries and clean cloths and undergarments.

All which many of us in the world take for granted and can not seem to live without and yet,

the list goes on. And yet, these poor suffering refugees live in the most primitive of environments that men and their families of the modern age in the world would be appalled with.

Let alone to have to endure themselves.

So we ask you is it fair to live as we do when in our hearts if we truly knew the facts and the suffering that these individuals go through each and everyday, would we not give up just a few niceties of our own.

I believe you would and you will as the Holy Spirit guides you to do so.

Well that is our prayer and our hope for them. That people just like you will come to their aid and with a loving compassionate heart give just a little in some way, somehow so they can just have a chance to live and be thankful for the blessings God gave them through you and your caring and thoughtfulness.

But please, don’t take my word for it. Take the field reporters own experiences and recommendations to heart as they present the case of the Refugee situation in Burundi and the surrounding countries.

For their eye accounts are the facts. And not media hype or political propaganda.

So please help us help them and these regions sustain, peace and stability today.

After reading their reports, please donate to our cause of “Operation Burundi” and or

you will have an opportunity to donate directly to Refugees International and help them to continue to bring factual reports of refugee situations here and elsewhere in the world,

where the suffering and inhumanity of man occurs.

It is what Jesus would do. That is help those who need it the most.

And these poor children of God in Burundi, The D R C, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania need your help.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Sincerely IHS and theirs,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

And the entire Church and Ministry Organization of

Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

We have many factual sources on the ground in the region with our ministry operations

or contributing to the information verification process that aid us in getting the truth out,

but we all need your help. NOW ! Don’t Wait, Donate Today !

Burundian Refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo

By; Michael Boyce and Mark Yarnell

Recruitment of Burundian Refugees in Rwanda

By; Michael Boyce and Francisca Vigaud-Walsh

Persecution and Displacement in Burundi

By; Michael Boyce and Francisca Vigaud-Walsh

The Burundian Refugee Response in Tanzania

By; Francisca Vigaud-Walsh

Burundi Situation Regional Refugee Response Plan

January - December 2016

This organization has no equal and they really need your support.

To learn more about Refugees International and their worldwide efforts and how you can help.

Click the link and find out now.