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Celtic Cross Ministry Inc.

Sacred Order of Exorcists

of the

 Celtic Cross

~  Our Investigative Teams  ~

~ Our Spiritual Advisors and Exorcists  ~

North Ohio Paranormal Scientific Society

Mark and Donna Warner

Phone: (440) 284-9991


Southern Paranormal Research Society

Rita Strugala

Phone: (912) 322-9665

Alabama Division

Any requests for Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia  or Mississippi, please contact. We cover most of these states.

Sacred Order of Exorcists Sweetwater, Tenn.

Rev. Fr. Jason W. Crowder+

Phone:(423) 371-1599

Tennessee Division


State of Ohio

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

Rev. Fr. Jon Michael Eltringham CCtKPC

State of California

Rev. Evangelist Robert Taylor

Bishop Elect +Benito P. Sagra  

U.K. of England

H.E. Overseer ++Ian Gaylard

S.U. Russia

H.E. Archbishop ++Cormac Malakhov

We are looking for serious paranormal organizations to join our

Sacred Order of Exorcists

of the

 Celtic Cross

As a front line team member in the investigation process.

We have two of the best in the business of doing quality investigations in their regions, but we need more. The state, nation and world is a big place

and boots on the ground is what is needed.

If you are a formal Paranormal Investigative Group, any where in the world, than please fill out the request form below and become a certified organization

with our ministries Sacred Order. We need your help in your region and community.

Sacred Order of Exorcists Membership

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