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Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated Celtic Cross Ministry Incorporated

Independent Order of the Saint Benedictine

Brotherhood and Sisterhood


United States of America


II Patriarch H.E. Archbishop ++++Benito P. Sagra

D.D., B.Ph., B.Th.

o.s.p., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Ministry Email Address:

CCSTh. Email Address:

Personal Email Address:

Metropolitan / Cardinal +++Andrew R. Manley Patriarch Emeritus

D.Div., Th.D., M.A.Phil., B.Div.

o.s.a., o.s.p., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Ministry Email Address:

Secondary Email Address:

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CCTMG. Email

Personal Email Address:

Archbishop ++David S. Murphy

D.D., D.M., Ph.D., M.B.A., B.A., CPA, CFS.

o.s.p., m.s.b., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b


Bishop +Robert Taylor

Th.D., Php.D., BC.D., M.Div., M.P., B.Div., & B.BS.

o.s.a., m.s.p.s., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Archdeacon Rev. Dr. Gary K. Taylor++

D.D., M.Div., M.A., B.Div.

o.s.a., m.s.a., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Presbyter Rev. Dr. William “Jeff” Lucas+


o.s.a., o.s.m., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Reverend Evangelist Linda A. Humbert-Hale

B.Div., m.s.s., s.o.s.s.s.


Reverend Evangelist Robert W. Humbert-Hale


o.s.a., m.s.s., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Reverend Evangelist Rita Strugala, m.c.s.m.a., s.o.e., s.o.s.s.s.


Reverend Evangelist Mary C. Roberts

B.S., B.D.,A.Min., s.o.s.s.s.


Reverend Evangelist Jason McClaren

B Div.

o.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Brother Arlen L. Gilspy Jr.


c.c.t.k., c.c.m.s.a., o.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Brother James M. Bonica

c.c.t.k., o.s.a., c.c.m.s.m.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Brother Robert Meek

c.c.t.k., o.s.a., o.s.p., c.c.m.s.f.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Sister Marley Sagra

o.s.b.,  m.s.j.e., s.o.s.s.s.

Sister Linda A. Kreeger

A.D., m.s.c.f.h., s.o.s.s.s.

Seminarian Molly Taylor, m.s.a., s.o.s.s.s.


Archdioceses of Great Britain

Archdiocesan Headquarters of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Divisional Headquarters of the United Kingdom and the European Union

H.E. Overseer ++Ian Gaylard

D.Div., M.Min., MS.B., CMAS., SIA., ASIS.

o.s.a., s.o.e., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Rev. Canon Chancellor Jeffery Chad Leach+++

M.C.L., Msc. of Safety Management, B.S., B.A.w/honors, BA.Th.w/honors

i.c.a.c.c., s.b.c.c.m., o.s.p., s.o.s.b.n.b.




Archdiocese of the Soviet Union and Russia

Archdiocesan Headquarters of Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Moscow and Central Siberia of Russia Divisional Headquarters of all the Soviet Union

H.E. Archbishop ++Cormac Malakhov

D.Div., D.Phy., M.A.Th.

o.s.a., o.s.p., o.s.n., h.o.c.c., c.o.s.b., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Rev. Father Alexy

Rev. Father George

Rev. Father Vladimir

Rev. Father Oleg

Sister Mary

Sister Dina


Saint Lucia Island

Dioceses of Saint Lucia

Diocesan Headquarters of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Divisional Headquarters of St. Lucia and the Caribbean Basin  

Monsignor Anthony G. Glasgow+


o.s.p., s.o.s.b.n.b.



Dioceses Headquarters of Chennai, India

Dioceses Headquarters of Celtic Cross Ministry Inc. of all India

H.G. Right Rev. Dr. Senior Bishop Primus +Anish NR

D.D., M.A.Philosophy w/ Major in Christian Education.,

o.s.p., o.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.


Missionary Headquarters of Bansbani, Keshiarj, West Paschim Medinipur, India

Missionary Dioceses Headquarters of Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Divisional Missionary Headquarters of all India

Presbyter Paul K. Singh+

M.A.Min., B.Th.,

o.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.



Dioceses of Lahore, Pakistan

Celtic Cross Ministry Dioceses of the

Protestant Non-Denominational Christian Church in Pakistan

H.G. Bishop +Kashif Alexander

D.Div., D.Min., M.A., B.A., L.L.B., C.I.T.

o.s.a., s.o.s.b.n.b.

Archdeacon Adnan Saleem++

Presbyter Rocks Bhatti+

Presbyter Sarwar Masih+

Rev. Evangelist Haroon Ghouri

Rev. Evangelist Ashraf Masih

Rev. Evangelist Nadeem Masih

Deacon Adeel Edwin

Deacon Shama Noreen

Deacon Samuel Sohail Bhatti

Deacon Shamila Sohail

Lay Ecclesial Minister Salman Iqbal

Lay Minister Zahid Nazir

Elder Maraj Masih

Elder Moshin Masih

Elder Naeem Sarwar



Missionary Diocese of Columbia

Celtic Cross Ministry Dioceses of the

Celtic Cross Old Catholic Templar Church in Columbia S.A.

Monsignor Luis Angel++


(More Info to Come on this missionary and ministry)

Ecclesiastical Communion

Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

Rev. Fr. Jason W. Crowder+


Holy Catholic Church International

H.E. Cardinal +++Chris Oliver (Dean of W.E.A.N. Program)

Association of Clergy International


National Association of Christian Ministers


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